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Experienced Refinery Explosion Lawyers

Over the years, the attorneys at The Buzbee Law Firm have become well-known throughout the country for successfully representing cases involving burn injuries and deaths resulting from car accidents, house and apartment fires, industrial plant explosions and more. We have the finest refinery explosion lawyers and attorneys; our team is more than capable of handling cases related to burn injuries and death.

Did you know that burn injury cases require specialists and experts who must be retained at once in order to preserve the evidence? It is also required to begin the investigation into the cause of the explosion or fire. Our team of attorneys stands ready to assist you in such matters throughout the duration of your case.

When it comes to fires at apartments and residences, there are specific codes and regulations that come into play; special knowledge is required when dealing with such matters. In some cases, special, highly skilled doctors and life planners must be retained; not only for treatment but also for testimony should it become necessary. Because of the many burn cases The Buzbee Law Firm has handled nationwide, we have close relationships with several fire chiefs across the country, as well as the leading experts in fire investigation. We are the refinery accident lawyer or attorneys who can handle any case related to burn injuries and death.

And, because The Buzbee Law Firm has successfully represented burn cases throughout the United States, we have associated ourselves with the leading attorneys in most major U.S. cities. No matter where the fire or explosion occurs, consider The Buzbee Law Firm to represent you and get the finest refinery accident attorneys and burn injuries attorneys on your side.

Burn Injuries and Death Representation Matters

Our attorneys have successfully represented a variety of cases, including:

  • Apartment Explosion: An exterminator caused an explosion at an apartment complex, injuring resident. The case settled with the apartment owner for a confidential amount.
  • Gas Fire: A 72-year-old woman burned to death in her home when gas entered her home and caused a flash fire. The case settled with the gas company for a confidential amount.
  • A child was severely burned when her pajamas accidentally ignited. The case was tried to a jury verdict against a retailer.
  • Industrial Plant Explosion: Our team represented several burn injuries related to a BP plant explosion, the worst industrial plant accident in the history of the United States. The cases settled.
  • Dry cleaning Explosion: An explosion at a dry cleaners resulted in severe, full thickness burns. The case caused a nationwide recall and resulted in a settlement.
  • Water Burns: Our plaintiff suffered full thickness burns due to water at an apartment complex being too hot. The case settled on the eve of trial.
  • Our firm represented multiple individuals in industrial explosions and apartment fires.

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