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Burn Injuries

The burn injury attorneys in Texas at the Buzbee Law Firm have become well known throughout the country for successfully representing cases involving burn injuries and deaths resulting from car accidents, house and apartment fires, industrial plant explosions, and more.

Burn Injuries

The Buzbee Law Firm has the highest verdict every entered for a burn case in Texas. We know how to properly handle serious burn cases, and are routinely called upon to do so by clients from all over the country. These cases are where we have received the most acclaim. If you’ve been in any kind of burn accident in Texas, large or small, reach out to us. If someone’s negligence left you with a painful, life-altering burn, you deserve compensation. Let our experienced attorneys get it for you. We love to win cases, and we’ve recovered over $10 billion in compensation.

You Must Act Quickly

Burn injury cases require specialists and experts that must be retained at once to preserve evidence. The evidence at a fire scene does not last long. The Buzbee Law Firm has developed close relationships with several fire chiefs across the country, as well as leading fire investigation experts through the many burn cases we have handled.

These experts, plus our knowledge of fire codes and personal injury law are vital to the success of your case. Burn injuries are notoriously hard to heal and rarely heal back to normal. You could end up scarred or disfigured for life.

Our team of attorneys stands ready to assist you in such matters throughout the duration of your case. We have represented burn victims across the country and got them compensation for their injuries. Burn injuries are expensive to treat, so why not go with the firm with a proven track record of success?

Burn Injuries and Death Representation Matters

Our Texas burn injury attorneys have successfully represented a variety of burn cases, including:

Our firm has also represented multiple individuals in industrial explosions and apartment fires.

How Much Compensation You Could Receive

No lawyer can tell you exactly how much compensation you could receive at your consultation, but they can give a good estimate based on previous cases and the evidence you bring. A major part of a lawyer’s job is looking for evidence that could increase your claim.

Burn injuries are some of the most painful injuries you can have. That’s why it’s likely you’ll be eligible for non-economic damages like pain and suffering, loss of consortium, or disfigurement. Depending on your injuries, these damages could be substantial.

Plus, there are all the economic costs of your burn injury, like medical bills, gear, and prescriptions, as well as lost wages and others. You could even be eligible for exemplary damages by a court. The insurance companies may owe you more than you think, so ‌speak with one of our burn injury lawyers for free to find out how much you should be getting.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Call the toll-free number on your screen or contact us via email to discuss your case today. Our Texas burn injury lawyers at the Buzbee Law Firm are ready to help you. With our case history, the odds are good that we’ve seen a case like yours before.

Your consultation is free and without obligation. Should you hire us, you will owe us nothing unless you win compensation in your case.

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