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Our firm exists for one reason: to pursue and achieve stellar results for our clients, who are often working people, small businesses, the disadvantaged and “underdogs” who have suffered injury or harm due to the negligence of others.


We are trial lawyers. We are the law firm you hire when the other side does not want to play fair. We show them that we are not going to fall for the same old tricks or let you be pushed around. We fight, and we put everything we can into helping you obtain justice.

What Makes Our Team Shine

The Buzbee Law Firm is not your run-of-the-mill law firm. We don’t advertise for cases and then refer them to other lawyers. We don’t take cases with the intention of immediately contacting the insurance company to obtain a quick settlement. We don’t just pretend to be courtroom lawyers like so many others do—we are the epitome of courtroom lawyers. We try cases.

We are selective about which injury and loss claims make it onto our caseload. However, once we take a case, we put substantial resources behind it. We are particularly proud of those cases that have resulted in changes to corporate business practices that are intended to improve safety, or make our communities better. While we primarily represent individuals, we will on occasion represent corporate interests. Indeed, companies often seek our services after seeing how we work for plaintiffs bringing cases against them, and the results we achieve. Although we do frequently represent companies, we have never represented an insurance company, and neverwill.

We realize that legal disputes don’t just happen in Texas. We are often hired by firms and individuals both inside and outside of Texas to assist in high-profile, high-stakes cases. No matter where your dispute arises, we are able to assist.