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Texas Environmental and Toxic Torts Lawyer

Let our Texas environmental and toxic torts lawyers evaluate the facts of your case and help you discover legal remedies such as an individual lawsuit, a class action, or a mass tort case.

Texas Environmental and Toxic Torts Lawyer

The Buzbee Law Firm recognizes that, particularly in Texas, government regulators provide limited regulatory oversight over the chemical and energy industries. We respect that decision and policy. However, those policies still require companies to follow the laws, be honest with the regulators and not cause harm to their neighbors.

So, when manufacturing plants, factories, refineries, and other big businesses generate hazardous waste materials, pollutants, and oil spills that are dangerous to residents, properties, and other neighboring businesses, they should be held accountable for their actions or inactions.

Our Texas environmental and toxic tort attorneys at the Buzbee Law Firm have what it takes to ensure the liable parties are brought to justice and that you are fairly compensated.

What Happens When Companies Are Negligent?

When companies violate their obligations and create environmental damage affecting people, homes, and animals, the effects can be disastrous. Neighboring property values can go down, humans develop lifelong medical issues, and animals are killed or maimed.

Also, law-abiding companies that follow the law and do the right thing in the same industry, are often negatively affected by the actions of other negligent companies.

When companies refuse to obey the law and cause their neighbors’ property to be damaged, our firm has repeatedly stepped in to make it right.

  • We handle property value loss claims due to either air or ground pollution
  • We handle personal injury cases involving alleged toxic exposure

We handle environmental cases for injured plaintiffs all over the country and are recognized by many other law firms for our accomplishments in this area of the law.



Environmental Hazard and Toxic Lawsuits in Texas

Companies are meant to produce their goods and services without their actions hurting other members of society. Therefore, the onus lies on them to adhere to safety protocols and environmental laws.

If done correctly, the laws guiding safe co-existence between private companies and other properties can help companies profit without hurting others. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case.

People are often injured or made ill by the by-products or runoffs that processing plants, manufacturing companies, oil refineries, and other companies produce. But because these companies are big and often have dedicated legal departments, it is usually difficult for one injured individual to take them on.

Damages in an Environmental and Toxic Tort

Environmental hazard and toxic tort lawyers in Texas can help you in your pursuit of compensation. With this approach, a group of individuals who were hurt by the actions or negligence of the company can band together to claim the following:

  • Economic damages: These allow you to recover benefits and damages that the law requires. They typically include lost wages, medical expenses, property damage, and many more.
  • Punitive damages: In certain cases, companies can be made to pay huge fines and face severe penalties, particularly when there’s proof of malicious intent, wilful wrongful acts, or negligence



The Benefits of Starting or Joining a Tort

Joining or starting environmental damage torts is easier and better than going at it by yourself. But to improve your odds of success, you’ll need the help of a seasoned Texas lawyer who understands environmental damage and toxic torts law.

The experienced environmental hazard attorney will then work hard to ensure that you and all other affected individuals get adequate compensation for illnesses, financial losses, and injuries brought on by the errant polluter.

This can make a lot of difference in your life. Compensation can help you pay off all associated medical debts, improve your quality of life, recover lost income, help you get the assistance that you need, and even provide you with a sense of justice.

In Texas, and around the country, environmental damage torts are often intense, complex, and lengthy. So, if you or a loved one has been hurt by a company’s carelessness and negligence, seek skilled legal help.

Ultimately, the goal of a toxic torts lawsuit is to serve as a warning to similar companies and plants that the government and people won’t tolerate any company’s careless actions or negligence that causes harm to other citizens.

Who Is Liable in a Texas Environmental Damage and Toxic Torts Case?

People who have been injured or become ill because of exposure to and unintentional consumption of hazardous materials may be able to file a lawsuit against the following entities:

The damages can be claimed under state and federal laws as both damages for liability and remedies for liability. Your Texas environmental and toxic tort attorney will explain the best one for your circumstance.

Toxic Tort and Environmental Damage Lawyers Can Help

Toxic tort and environmental pollution cases are often tricky. A small oversight or mistake can adversely affect the financial outcome of your case. This is why it’s important to speak to an experienced Texas environmental and toxic torts law firm before taking any action or decision.

The Buzbee Law Firm has become a nationwide leader in toxic tort litigation, successfully handling cases in more than 10 states. We’ve handled numerous claims for people who have been personally injured through exposure to harmful chemicals from refineries and power plants.

The firm’s most notable success was a substantial jury verdict in Galveston federal court, on claims that BP Texas City exposed over 100 contract workers to harmful chemicals. It resulted in a $100 million jury verdict.

Ask us for access to press stories on our successes in environmental cases for past clients. While each case is different, we stand ready to help members of the public who have been injured or become ill because some companies just do not follow environmental protection laws in Texas and the country.

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Let our Texas environmental and toxic torts lawyers evaluate the facts of your case and help you discover legal remedies such as an individual lawsuit, a class action, or a mass tort case. Call the Buzbee Law Firm today or send an inquiry through our simple online contact form.

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