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Wrongful Death Lawyer

You have legal options when it comes to moving forward after the loss of a loved one. A wrongful death lawyer in Texas can step in to represent you as you face legal challenges.

Wrongful Death Lawyer

A wrongful death lawyer in Texas can step in to represent you as you face legal challenges. So, take charge of your claim today by reaching out to our team at The Buzbee Law Firm for assistance. Our record is unparallelled.

The Buzbee Law firm has successfully represented hundreds of clients in cases involving wrongful death throughout Texas and across the country. However, we understand that nothing can compensate for the loss of a loved one, especially after an accident that never should have happened. We do the work and get the results needed to make sure that this will NEVER happen again.

No legal action can ease the grief of coping after a family member has died as a result of negligence. However, though money cannot make up for your loss or assuage the associated distress and pain, it can help cover the financial burdens of an accident. Of course, with our name, brand, and reputation, our presence adds great value to every case. So, not only can we get the compensation that is deserved, we can help make sure that what happened to your loved one never happens again.

Types of Compensation for a Texas Wrongful Death Claim

A Texas wrongful death attorney can step in to assist you after the loss of a loved one. You may receive compensation to cover:

Your family may also receive damages to cover the anguish and mental pain you experienced due to losing your loved one.

You may receive exemplary damages as part of a Texas wrongful death case in some situations. Legal professionals often call these “punitive damages.” However, you may not receive them in all wrongful death claims—only those that involve gross negligence or other serious actions.

Exemplary damages act as a way to punish the individual who caused the accident that led to the loss of your loved one. The legal system uses these damages to discourage other individuals from engaging in reckless or dangerous activities.

Texas Wrongful Death FAQs

We Provide Experience With Texas Wrongful Death Claims 

Our wrongful death lawsuit attorneys have represented a variety of cases successfully and have helped make a difference to our clients in the following circumstances:

  • Represented the estate of a woman who was severely burned and later died after a gas pipe leaked gas into her home, resulting in an explosion
  • Represented several families of those who died in maritime and offshore drilling accidents
  • Represented a family after the death of one of their sons due to the rollover of a Ford Explorer

Our wrongful death lawsuit attorneys can help you through this difficult time. We can begin right away by making headway with your case without disturbing your family during your mourning for your loved one.

To ensure that you have dedicated and accomplished legal counsel to represent you after losing a family member, get in touch with a Texas wrongful death attorney.



Learn More by Contacting a Texas Wrongful Death Attorney

You have legal options following the loss of a loved one in Texas. Start reviewing your situation with a Texas wrongful death lawyer from our team at Buzbee Law Firm. Contact us online or call us to speak with a dedicated legal professional.

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