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Just Win

At The Buzbee Law Firm, we believe in what we do. We believe in and respect the system. We believe in our clients. We believe in winning. Accept no substitutes. Just Win.

About The Attorneys And The Law Practice At The Buzbee Law Firm

Since the founding of this law firm, our founder, attorney Tony Buzbee, has set the bar high. Today, we still strive to meet and exceed expectations with every fresh challenge. Our firm exists for one reason: to pursue and achieve stellar results for our clients, who are often working people, small businesses, the disadvantaged and “underdogs” who have suffered injury or harm due to the negligence of others.

We take our role as advocates for the wronged seriously. Through our dedication to a principled, effective law practice, we literally change the world for many of our clients and their families. At the same time, we keep negligent and liable parties—such as large corporations, insurance companies and government agencies—on notice that we can and will fight cases before a judge and jury. Many claims settle before we go to trial but we are always ready to walk confidently into the ring on behalf of our clients.

Lamp Posts To Light Our Way

Consistently standing out from the crowd, trial lawyer Tony Buzbee continually reminds our entire legal team of our solemn responsibilities:

With underlying guidelines like these, we find the motivation and perseverance we need to deliver case outcomes that provide true relief to clients injured in trucking accidents, workplace accidents, oil and gas industry-related accidents, and accidents caused by dangerous and defective products. We champion the causes of people who have suffered sexual abuse or have experienced loss, monetary or otherwise, caused by environmental law violations and breach of contracts in commercial settings.

With an established firm as our foundation, Mr. Buzbee’s many forms of recognition over the years remind us to keep giving our best for each client.

Others on our team also bring noteworthy achievements to our talent pool. We welcome the opportunity to introduce our accomplished lawyers to you as you look for an advocate for your case.

A Powerful Reputation To Uphold

What Makes Our Team Shine

The Buzbee Law Firm is not your run-of-the-mill law firm. We don’t advertise for cases and then refer them to other lawyers. We don’t take cases with the intention of immediately contacting the insurance company to obtain a quick settlement. We don’t just pretend to be courtroom lawyers like so many others do—we are the epitome of courtroom lawyers. We try cases.

We are selective about which injury and loss claims make it onto our caseload. However, once we take a case, we put substantial resources behind it. We are particularly proud of those cases that have resulted in changes to corporate business practices that are intended to improve safety, or make our communities better. While we primarily represent individuals, we will on occasion represent corporate interests. Indeed, companies often seek our services after seeing how we work for plaintiffs bringing cases against them, and the results we achieve. Although we do frequently represent companies, we have never represented an insurance company, and never will.

We realize that legal disputes don’t just happen in Texas. We are often hired by firms and individuals both inside and outside of Texas to assist in high-profile, high-stakes cases. No matter where your dispute arises, we are able to assist.

Let Us Hear From You

Do you hope your injury claim or financial loss lawsuit might meet our criteria? We would be glad to consult with you with no cost and no further obligation. In most practice areas, we represent people and businesses on a contingency basis or with a hybrid fee arrangement. Let us explore your options with you. Call 844-349-9196 or complete our online inquiry form to get the conversation started.