Oil rigs in Texas offer work opportunities for those interested in a career in the energy industry. While such careers could be rewarding, they also come with risks. Injuries are possible due to the physical nature of the work. Being mindful of specific injuries could help a worker remain on alert for potentially dangerous hazards.

Dangerous risks to oil rig workers

Among the most frightening catastrophes that could affect oil rig workers are explosions. Regardless of the reason for the explosion, the result could be the death of one or more workers. Sadly, workers may not prevent every root cause of explosions since management’s negligence or other factors outside the workers’ control may cause the problem.

Other serious accidents could arise from unexpected mishaps. Falling objects could hit those on the ground, leading to severe injuries. Even a small tool might cause extreme harm if it falls from great heights.

Other potential accidents and injuries at an oil rig

Slip-and-fall accidents could occur at virtually any workplace, and they may happen at an oil rig. Slip-and-fall accidents at an oil rig could lead to fatalities, especially if someone falls from a high height.

Oil rig injuries may also derive from accidents with tools, horseplay, electrical disasters and more. Many things could go wrong in a hectic environment, and workers may find it challenging to avoid potential injuries. Thankfully, those who suffer injuries in oil and gas workplace accidents may find legal remedies available to them.

Workers who have been injured on the job may want to speak with an attorney about their options. Filing for workers’ compensation or engaging in a lawsuit may help the worker gain compensation depending on the circumstances.