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If you need legal counsel that understands the Jones Act law and knows how to win cases, The Buzbee Law Firm should be at the top of your list. Our lawyers have made a name for our firm, bringing us many referrals over the years.

Trial lawyer Tony Buzbee started his career representing Jones Act seamen. He cut his teeth representing workers injured on boats, ocean-going vessels and drilling rigs. The Buzbee Law Firm has handled multiple Jones Act injury cases against Falcon Drilling, Diamond Offshore, H&P, Global Santa Fe, Transocean, Rowan Drilling and other major pipe-laying companies.

The Jones Act and maritime attorneys at The Buzbee Law Firm represent clients in a range of legal issues relating to the seafaring industry, including transactions and disputes related to shipping, marine cargo contracts, storage and transport, and advocacy for workers injured at sea on navigable waters or while working in a harbor. Our team has extensive experience in the requirements for eligibility to recover compensation through application of the Jones Act and the Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act.

About The Jones Act

The Jones Act protects crew members of a vessel in the event they are injured. This law applies to inland river workers and offshore crew members. These men and women work on jack-ups, semi-submersibles, barges, drill ships, tugs and towboats, crew boats, dredges, floating cranes, tankers, cargo ships, fishing vessels, chemical ships, research vessels, construction barges, diving vessels, cruise ships, recreational boats, and other floating or movable vessels. Thanks to the Jones Act, these workers are not limited to ordinary workers’ compensation when they are injured while working. The Jones Act offers greater avenues for recovery after an accident at sea or in a harbor.

Representative Cases

The Buzbee Law Firm has represented hundreds of workers in Jones Act claims in Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. The firm has served as counsel for workers with many job functions in many related occupations, including:

  • Offshore drilling
  • Offshore supply and transport
  • Dredging
  • Fishing
  • Shrimping

Our attorneys have successfully represented many clients, including:

  • More than 20 workers who were injured when the Parker 14J collapsed off the coast of Louisiana. The Buzbee Law Firm’s clients obtained more money in settlements than those of any other attorney or law firm.
  • A class of offshore workers who alleged that their wages had been suppressed by their employers. The case resulted in a settlement for the class.
  • A class of maritime workers on claims that their workplace was riddled with asbestos; that case also resulted in a settlement to the class.
  • A widow whose husband died on a ship after becoming ill after his employer failed to arrange for medical treatment.
  • The estate of a young offshore worker who was found dead, with his body tangled in the spokes of a large hose reel on a drilling rig. The suit resulted in a financial settlement to the estate and, as part of settlement, the defendant agreed to install a reel guard in an effort to prevent further incidents.

In one of his first trials, Tony Buzbee represented the estate of an offshore worker who was killed while working aboard a drilling rig off the coast of Saudi Arabia when a pipe exploded. The case resulted in a jury verdict against the defendant. In the course of the lawsuit, Buzbee uncovered a deadly problem with piping used in the drilling industry and, as a result of the suit, that problem has now been corrected in the industry. That case was tried to verdict, resulting in significant compensation.

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