Women in Texas and across the country are reporting that incidents of sexual harassment have dropped since the #MeToo movement began in 2016. The increased exposure and awareness in society has contributed to a greater sensitivity that has reduced cases.

In general, most of the effects of #MeToo have been positive. Before the allegations against Harvey Weinstein came to light, 25% of women reported experiencing harassment or sexual coercion at work. Now, this number has dropped to 18% as employers have become more vigilant about preventing harassment in the workplace. Most women report a decrease in their self-doubt along with an increase in self-esteem on the job. However, many workplaces have seen some sort of a backlash against women even with outright harassment decreasing.

For now, companies need to focus on prevention at all levels. Not only does this include harassment and illegal conduct, but it should also include any kind of bullying and sexist comments. This is where sexual harassment begins, and companies need to remain vigilant. One way to accomplish this is through training. It is vital for men to know that they should be standing up for their female colleagues as many of them are hesitant to stand up for themselves. For now, the benefits of #MeToo in the workplace are becoming apparent as the workplace has become a less hostile place for women.

Even though harassment is on the decline, many women still experience it at work. It is illegal and could be grounds for a lawsuit. Women may want to consult a workplace harassment attorney to learn more about how they can take legal action against their employer. They may be entitled to financial compensation if they can prove that their employer acted illegally by either harassing them or failing to protect them from an environment with pervasive harassment.