In Texas and across the U.S., workplace harassment has become a growing problem. Recently, McDonald’s Restaurant was sued for widespread sexual harassment that is alleged to have occurred at its corporate-owned Florida locations.

The lawsuit filed in Chicago federal court makes the allegation that the environment McDonald’s condoned was one of “severe or pervasive sexual harassment and a hostile work environment, including groping, physical assaults and sexually charged verbal comments.” McDonald’s is also accused of not providing the training necessary to proactively prevent sexual harassment and for moving offenders from one store location to another without consequences. Former McDonald’s employees are seeking $500 million in compensation for damages suffered.

McDonald’s made a statement that it has been investigating these allegations of workplace harassment as soon as they came to light and will continue investigating new allegations. These sexual harassment claims made against McDonald’s are not new; the restaurant chain faced similar complaints back in 2016 that were filed by employees with the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission.

Victims of workplace harassment may seek a lawyer to help with class-action lawsuits. A class-action lawsuit can be sought by a group of individuals against any large company or entity as in the McDonald’s sexual harassment case presented above.

These class-action suits might help win justice for both the individuals filing the claim as well as those who have sustained similar losses due to a defendant’s bad actions. It is important for individuals to exercise their rights to fair and effective resolution of legitimate claims by large parties.