Concertgoers expect a few hours of entertainment and joy. They never count on personal harm being part of the experience. Unfortunately, severe injuries can happen during musical performances.

Determining fault for an incident is often tricky. Professional counsel may be necessary to determine who bears responsibility.


Performance halls and auditoriums are responsible for the safety of every concertgoer. Many oversights could cause a festival attendee to suffer injury. Entranceways need to be clear and accessible. Security must be present, assuring orderly entrances and exits. An artist might request a visual element, such as pyrotechnics, that precipitates a disaster. Hosting organizations must adhere to every safety precaution or face liability.


Crowd management is another serious issue. Groupthink can take over during congregations of hundreds or thousands. Panic could erupt during a lightning storm or earthquake, with fans trampling others. A riot is possible, especially when audience members consume drugs or too much alcohol. Individuals throwing punches or seen stepping on someone are to blame. Identifying perpetrators with low-quality social media footage can be challenging.


Manufacturers of lights and speakers are sometimes guilty. Consider the harm that comes from a heavy rig breaking and crashing down. Clamps might have an inherent design flaw. Soundboards could combust. Companies that peddle faulty products must pay for the harm originating from them.

Live music should be transcendent. Terrifyingly, an evening of pleasure can transform into a nightmare in the blink of an eye. Responsible parties need to pay for the suffering they cause.