Working in the refinery industry in Texas makes you susceptible to many risks from exposure to pollution to working near fire hazards and acid. With the help of your employer, you should have access to adequate safety gear to protect you from harm.

While you cannot completely remove all of the risks of your job, you can mitigate them with strict adherence to safety protocols. If your employer prioritizes the design and maintenance of a safety culture, you may face even fewer risks of getting hurt.

Improved productivity

When you do not have the resources to do your job safely, your productivity may decrease. Barriers including fear of getting hurt and inefficient processes may prevent you from doing your best work. With an increased risk of injury, you may find yourself working slower and more methodically to carefully work around unrestrained hazards.

Contrarily, a safety culture uses education and incentives to encourage you and your coworkers to comply with industry safety standards. With refined processes, proven strategies and regularly monitored working conditions, you can feel confident about doing your job safely and efficiently. While you should still use caution in completing your responsibilities, having adequate safety resources can facilitate a more rewarding outcome.

Higher morale

Feeling unsafe at work can impact your attitude and your willingness to do your job. A safety culture can boost employee morale and help you to feel valued in the workplace. According to Reliable Plant, your employer can achieve a safety culture when they provide adequate training, perform regular risk assessments and educate you on emergency response strategies.

You have the right to a safe and conducive workplace. Protecting yourself against injury is a team approach that requires the support of your employer. If you have suffered a life-altering injury because of the negligence of your employer, you may choose to seek legal action.