Workplace sexual harassment has become a significant talking point in recent years. The issue came to light because of the MeToo movement, which has ousted harassers in countless industries, including media, tech, entertainment and even politics.

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the number of sexual harassment claims filed increased by 14% in 2018.

Even as more victims are finding the courage to speak up, many sexual misconduct claims don’t make it to court. That’s because the details in these cases are often kept out of the public eye due to settlements and confidentiality agreements.

A woman’s account of fear and retaliation

In a recent story, a woman who contracted as a television producer in West Palm Beach, Florida, said the CEO of her company touched her inappropriately and often propositioned her for sex. When she complained to the company’s lawyer, nothing happened. Shortly after making her complaint, her presumed harasser insisted she file a confidentiality agreement; when she refused, the company terminated her contract.

MeToo movement motivated her and others to fight back

When the MeToo movement began and the woman saw others like her in media filing sexual harassment claims. She said it gave her the confidence she needed to take on her alleged harasser through litigation.

Sexual harassment can cause emotional hardship

Even though the outcome of her case has not been revealed, it sends a strong message to other victims that they can stand a fighting chance against their alleged perpetrators. Those who were sexually harassed by influential individuals will want to contact a reliable and diligent attorney. Victims want someone who can take on high-stakes litigation and will do whatever it takes to win their case, getting them the compensation they deserve.