Drivers in Texas do not want to get involved in an 18-wheeler accident as they could be left dealing with catastrophic injuries and a permanent disability. The best way to prevent such an accident is to be a safe driver because, as it turns out, some truck accidents are the fault of passenger vehicle drivers.

For example, drivers may cut in front of a truck and then slam on their brakes, make a left turn after incorrectly judging the speed or distance of an oncoming truck or fail to slow down when a truck is turning or merging. Other times, drivers may be injured because they drove behind or beside a truck in its “no-zone.” A crash may even occur when drivers keep a disabled vehicle close to the road.

Other times, truckers may be to blame for a crash, and the factors can include inadequate training and flat-out negligence. Sometimes, truckers feel compelled to drive drowsy or speed to deliver a load sooner.

Proving negligence in a truck accident starts with showing that the trucker had a duty of care to the victim, breached that duty and caused the injury as a result. Sometimes, the trucking company can be held liable, but other times, it could be companies that built a defective part.

Therei s a lot more that victims of a trucking accident needs to know about before filing a claim, and they may be able to learn about these things during a consultation with a lawyer. Personal injury lawyers usually have a network of investigators who can gather proof against the defendant, which could include the police report, eyewitness testimony, physical evidence at the crash site and the trucker’s electronic logging device. Lawyers can normally handle all settlement negotiations as well.