The Buzbee Law Firm is representing injured #Astrofest attendees who were hurt in this preventable tragedy.  Tony Buzbee is actively investigating and putting his substantial resources behind the case.

We need to speak to anyone who attended or witnessed the tragedy that unfolded on Friday night.  Please call us at (844) 349-9196

What happened?  On November 5th, over fifty thousand people gathered for Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival.  Before the concert even started there were signs of security issues when concert goers bypassed checkpoints. At around 9:15pm, the crowd began advancing towards the stage causing people to become unconscious.  As seen on social media, there were numerous attempts by large groups of fans to stop the concert.  The music continued while security extricated both dead and unconscious concert-goers.

While the investigation is still ongoing, concert goers, family members, and Houston at-large deserves answers on WHY this was allowed to happen.   The Houston Police department provided an update on Saturday afternoon that counted 8 dead and now over 300 injured.  Please see The Buzbee Law Firm’s Facebook page for additional information and updates on this tragic event.

Attorney Tony Buzbee and our experienced trial lawyers bring significant knowledge, resources and determination in the fight for delivering justice to those that have been affected by this tragedy.  Schedule a free consultation by calling 844-349-9196 today.