Tire blowouts often end up being deadly occurrences on Texas highways as truck drivers losing control of their vehicles pose an extreme danger to other drivers on the road. However, tire blowouts do not always occur spontaneously on their own. Proper tire maintenance and inspection can prevent most of these tire blowouts from happening.

Many think that tire blowouts result only from road hazards destroying the tires. This is only true in about 20% of the cases. In roughly 80% of the tire blowouts, the cause of the failure is a maintenance issue. Tires should be inspected frequently to ensure that the wear-and-tear is not excessive. The tread or the casing can deteriorate in a way that makes the tire vulnerable.

In addition, how the truck driver handles a tire blowout is also critical to preventing a deadly accident. When the tire blows out, one side of the truck will drop. The driver must accelerate the truck and steer the vehicle extra to a steady course in the lane. The driver must maximize the power from the tires that are still working. Not only must drivers react promptly, but they also most react correctly. The key is to stabilize the truck because one blow tire can cause the driver to lose control. Once the truck is stabilized, it should be pulled over to the side.

Truck accident injuries tend to be more serious because of the size of the truck. These damages can include pain and suffering, lost wages. In some cases, they will even include wrongful death. One should consult with a trucking accident attorney if they or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident. The attorney could file a claim or lawsuit on behalf of their client that could lead to a settlement agreement.