Texas residents may be interested to hear that the artificial intelligence firm Netradyne recently commissioned a survey that shows how drivers are concerned about a rise in distracted driving.

Who was involved in the survey

The online survey took place from February 25 to March 10 2020. A total of 1,248 U.S. drivers participated in it. All were 18 or older, had a standard driving license and claimed to use a vehicle, owned either by themselves or by a family member, at least once a week.

All but 18% believed that distracted driving is becoming more widespread. Half believed that driving is becoming less safe overall with one-fifth of respondents saying that commercial drivers who transport goods are especially unsafe. Yet 91% of respondents said they themselves are safe drivers, and less than half agreed that they could improve their driving.

Distractions among “safe” drivers

At the same time, the respondents were found to engage in multiple distracting activities. An analysis conducted by the Harris Interactive discovered that drinking liquids was the most common of such activities among drivers. Social media use had the worst consequences, though.

What was the result of these and other distractions? For 20% of respondents, it came in the form of a fine or points on their license. For one in seven, it was a car accident that led either to physical injuries or the total loss of their vehicle. As for what can prevent distracted driving, AI is certainly one potential candidate; 29% of respondents showed interest in this.

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