Truck drivers in Texas and across the U.S. who have been neglecting the maintenance of their brakes should know that the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has announced a date for its 2020 Brake Safety Week. The annual brake inspection blitz will take place from August 23 to 29.

Checking the brake hoses and tubing

Every Brake Safety Week has some kind of special focus, and for 2020, as it was for 2019, the focus will be brake hoses and tubing. When properly attached, flexible, undamaged and free of leaks, they contribute much to mechanical fitness.

Inspectors will be handing out-of-service orders to any trucks that don’t meet brake safety regulations. Statistics from previous inspection sprees show just how negligent truckers can be in this regard. During the 2019 Brake Safety Week, inspectors gave OOS orders to 13.5% of inspected trucks. During the CVSA’s 2019 International Roadcheck, 45.1% of trucks with OOS violations had gone against the brake system and adjustment standards.

August is Brake Safety Awareness Month

The CVSA calls August Brake Safety Awareness Month and strives to raise awareness of the importance of brake safety through law enforcement agencies. It’s something that fleets, employees, owner-operators and even mechanics need to learn more about. Fleets, in particular, can differ widely in their safety training policies and programs, and some drivers are conditioned by the fleet’s workplace culture.

Holding trucking companies responsible for a crash

Many victims of truck accidents file a claim against the truck driver’s employer in their effort to seek compensation for their injuries. You may be able to do the same. If the trucker is an independent contractor, you may file against the trucker’s insurance provider. In any event, you may want legal assistance before moving forward. You might meet resistance, but a lawyer may deftly handle all negotiations.