Several years back, a series of tragic incidents involving electrocution involving CenterPoint Energy service poles in the Houston area raised serious concerns about the safety of the electric infrastructure in the region. The electrocution and burn cases began in August 2021 when two children, ages 12 and 10, were severely injured after encountering a CenterPoint Energy service pole in their back yard. One of the children was revived at the scene. Both were horribly burned.

In response to these incidents, the victims’ families sought justice through the legal system. The leading law firm representing the families was the Buzbee Law Firm, led by Tony Buzbee. Mr. Buzbee has filed multiple lawsuits on behalf of the victims’ families, alleging that CenterPoint Energy was negligent in maintaining its electric infrastructure and failed to properly warn residents of the potential dangers.

Through Mr. Buzbee’s actions, CenterPoint Energy announced plans to inspect and retrofit all of its service poles; this resulted in more than 880,000 service poles being retrofitted across Texas and other states. Due to Buzbee’s efforts, the service pole issue has been resolved, ensuring the safety of the public and preventing similar tragedies from occurring in the future.

The CenterPoint Energy cases and the legal battle between Buzbee Law Firm and the company highlight the importance of safety in the electric infrastructure and the need for companies to take immediate action to address any potential dangers.