Texas highways are shared between motorists and truck drivers on a daily basis. Sometimes, the truck drivers may be tired behind the wheel and need some energy to keep them going. While caffeinated beverages may be helpful once in a while, they are not a long-term answer. Relying on caffeine to stay awake can actually increase the driver’s risk of causing an accident.

This was the conclusion of a recent U.K.-based study. They surveyed roughly 3,000 truck drivers in eight states and asked the drivers about their caffeine consumption. The researchers then compared the results against their accident history over the past three years. Of the drivers who heavily consumed caffeine, 27% were in an accident during the survey period. This compares to 21% of the drivers who used little to normal amounts of caffeine.

The researchers were not prepared to say that caffeine was the only cause of the increased crash risk. There are other factors that go along with caffeine use that can make drivers more dangerous. For example, many people who gravitate toward caffeinated beverages have a lifestyle that’s unhealthy. These individuals may also smoke and have poor diets. In general, their overall lifestyle could make them more dangerous since they might be less alert. A healthier driver is usually safer. However, there is nothing wrong with occasional caffeine use to get a boost.

Someone who has been hurt in an accident caused by a negligent truck driver could be eligible for substantial financial compensation. An attorney with experience dealing with motor vehicle accidents might assist a client by filing a lawsuit on their behalf. If necessary, the lawyer could then negotiate a settlement for the client.