On May 31st, in Lubbock, Texas a fire struck an apartment complex damaging 16 units. The fire occurred before 10:30 a.m. on 65th Drive. One tenant passed away due to the blaze while two others suffered minor injuries. The cause of said fire is under investigation at this time by the Fire Marshal’s Office.

Along with the large fire in Lubbock, Houston experienced a devastating apartment fire on May 17th, 2020. The blaze was located at The Hudson Apartment Homes at 3131 Hayes Road around 11 p.m. The fire set the building ablaze and displaced several families after it tore the complex. Uriel Pillado, a resident of the complex, said that, “a guy came in saying the building was on fire… we didn’t even know”. No residents or Houston firefighters were injured due to the fire and the Red Cross has been called in to help families who were displaced by the event.

Tenants are supposed to be protected by landlords and their spaces of living should be well maintained. Renters who have experienced loss due to apartment fires should consult an attorney about potential actions to take. There is a certain standard of living that all landlords must provide and follow but issues arise when they cut corners in order to cut costs.

Not all fires are due to landlord neglect, some happen to be other tenants’ faults. If an individual has suffered losses due to a fire in any situation the best course of action is to contact an attorney that has experience in this type of litigation in order to help gain restitution and compensation from the party at fault.