Over the past decade, tens of thousands of Texans have been impacted by plant explosions. These fiery blasts – often involving specialized equipment, toxic chemicals and combustible materials – have done serious damage. Not just to workers, but to nearby residents and property as well.

These kinds of disasters can lead to lawsuits, potentially from both injured workers and nearby residents harmed by the blast. But who might actually get sued in these cases?

Looking at negligence

After an industrial plant explosion, an investigation must answer a key question: How did this happen? Once those facts are established, they can help an injured party determine who is liable – and therefore, who should be responsible for providing rightful compensation. There are a few common possibilities:

  • The plant owner or operator – Industrial plants are inherently hazardous, which is why they are tightly regulated. If the owner or operator of a facility fails to follow these rules or ignores warning signs, they might be at fault.
  • On-site contractors – These are often large, complex operations involving many outside parties. If one of these contractors does not follow the proper procedure and it leads to an accident, they may be found responsible for resulting damage.
  • An equipment manufacturer – This industry requires the use of high-tech machinery. When this equipment is faulty – either a problem with the design, a defect during manufacturing, or even poor instructions – it can have disastrous results.

For a successful personal injury lawsuit, you have to demonstrate that the negligent action (or inaction) of a party caused the accident and that the accident directly caused you harm. If the damage is extensive, individual cases may be bundled into a class-action lawsuit.

Every incident is different, and these cases can become quite complex. They often require years of legal experience, prompt action and strategic use of specialists and experts in order to begin preserving evidence as soon as possible. But with the correct approach, rightful compensation is possible.