There are a lot of roadway hazards in Texas, including those caused by trucks. One of the lesser-known hazards on the road is the possibility for commercial trucks to lose part of a tire or wheel, which can cause serious injuries to anyone else on the road.

Injuries from tires and wheels falling off trucks

It doesn’t sound likely, but people could easily be injured from parts of a truck’s tire or wheel falling off and striking them. For instance, people driving cars, motorcyclists and even pedestrians could be hit by a part of a wheel or tire from a truck.

These types of accidents happen for numerous reasons, such as a rusting axle or other worn parts, improper installation of parts or defects in the manufacturing of the tires. To know the reason for the tire or wheel falling off and injuring you, one of the first things your personal injury attorney will look into is the vehicle maintenance history.

Truck accidents are often significant

You should never underestimate the danger of getting into any kind of accident with a truck when you’re in a smaller vehicle. There are significant concerns over the number of truck accidents on roadways because of the amount of damage that these vehicles can do. People who are in wrecks with trucks are often hospitalized, and these accidents can cause significant damage to property, too.

Anyone who has been injured in a truck accident because of a wheel or tire falling off due to poor maintenance or because of another type of negligence should be aware of what kinds of compensation that they might be eligible for. You may want to talk to an experienced lawyer about tracking down evidence and putting together a case to pursue the compensation you deserve.