Riding a motorcycle in Texas takes a lot of skill, and some people don’t realize just how difficult it can be. Even when your riding is perfect, you must remain constantly vigilant of what other vehicles on the road are doing. Car drivers often forget to check for motorcyclists, and you may have to take evasive action to avoid accidents. Here are three of the most common motorcycle accidents that are caused by car drivers:

No. 1: Driver turns left in front of you

When you’re coming up to a green light at a four-way intersection, a car driver eager to turn left could plow right into you. Car drivers do this often after they scan for cars because they unconsciously ignore motorcycles in their field of vision. You can avoid this kind of accident by slowing down before an intersection and checking the wheels of the car in front of you.

No. 2: Driver changes lanes without seeing you

If you’re riding in a car’s blind spot, the driver could fail to see you when they check their mirror before switching lanes. Drivers hit motorcyclists a lot while changing lanes because they only check their mirrors. You can avoid this kind of accident by never hanging out in blind spots.

No. 3: Driver hits you from behind

When a motorcyclist has to come to a sudden stop, the cars behind them are often not expecting it. A rear-end hit from a large passenger car can be deadly for a motorcyclist, so it’s important to try to avoid stopping suddenly when cars are right behind you. If possible, stopping to the side of traffic may help you to avoid being injured in a rear-end collision.

Speak to a lawyer if you’ve been hit by a car

Some car drivers try to avoid taking the blame for motorcycle accidents by blaming the biker. If a negligent car driver struck you while you were riding a motorcycle, it’s important not to admit to any fault in the collision. An attorney may be able to help you gather evidence about your accident that can be used to file a personal injury claim.