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What Types of Business Disputes Does Your Firm Handle?

As with all relationships, business relationships can also go through periods of friction, leading to business disputes. It doesn’t matter if the disagreement is between customer and company or service provider, employer and employee, business partners, or buyers and manufacturers, as long as there’s some form of contractual breach or misunderstanding, people can end up feeling slighted.

Since all successful business relationships are based on trust and fairness, it is important to find ways to resolve these business disputes quickly. One of the best ways to do this is to engage the services of experienced Texas-based commercial litigation attorneys who can help swiftly resolve the problem between both parties.

At The Buzbee Law Firm, our business dispute lawyers can represent your interests, fight for your rights, and provide legal advice and guidance that may aid your business decisions.

Types of Business Disputes and Commercial Litigation

Most business conflicts aren’t resolved quickly, regardless of how simple the initial business agreements were. If you don’t have adequate legal help, it’s easy for these cases to spiral out of control, leading to a lengthy and expensive debacle… and we don’t want that.

Therefore, at The Buzbee Law Firm, our legal team provides commercial litigation services aimed at tackling the following:

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Intellectual Property Agreement Violations

Intellectual property (IP) rights apply when an individual or an entity files a claim with the appropriate bodies regarding their unique inventions or innovations. These filings are designed to protect people’s creative and unique solutions.

There are usually multiple types of protections including:

  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks
  • Commercial confidential information
  • Publicity rights protections
  • Commercial patterns

Unfortunately, many business entities and individuals often miss out on the opportunity to secure their intellectual property rights. And for some who do, the protections aren’t bulletproof or airtight, thus causing others to take advantage of loopholes in these intellectual properties.

If you want to ensure your intellectual property rights and protections are solid or fight supposed infringements, our Texas commercial dispute attorneys can help you with that.

Business or Commercial Fraud

When there’s a clear case of misrepresentation or deceit in a business transaction, that’s known as fraud. Last year, Americans lost almost $6 billion to fraudulent activities.

But it wasn’t just limited to consumers alone. Companies were also the target of fraudulent activities. According to this year’s PwC Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey, almost half of all surveyed companies reported some form of fraud or corruption within said organizations.

Because 21st-century business fraud incidents are so widespread and complex, many business fraud disputes often require the expertise of experienced legal professionals to untangle the webs of deceit, recover lost or stolen resources, implement anti-fraud protection measures, and bring all bad actors to justice.

To uncover and establish that fraud occurred, experienced business fraud attorneys in Texas often follow these three crucial elements:

  • Check for evidence that the accused represented themselves falsely when the business transaction occurred
  • Determine that because of the false representation, you went ahead with the transaction
  • Show that because of the deceit, you lost some money or were hurt in some way

Once all three elements are established, you will most likely have a case against the accused.

Breach of Contract

Although some business contracts and agreements often involve a handshake and oral agreement, many are more formal. In the latter, participants are required to sign business contracts, which are basically a series of ways in which both parties agree to conduct business.

When one party reneges on this agreement or fails to adhere to the terms or breaks the agreement, they are considered to be in breach of the contract, and you can institute legal action against them.

However, it’s not enough to claim that the other party breached the contract. You need proof. And to do that, a commercial dispute attorney will attempt to establish the following elements of a contract breach:

  • First, ascertain that there was a legal or binding agreement between both parties
  • Find evidence that the other party failed in keeping their end of the deal
  • Show that you suffered losses or damages because of their actions or inactions

Once all three elements are established, you may be able to file a successful contract breach lawsuit against the accused party, seek compensation, and recover damages.

Insurance Claims Disagreements

If an insurance company denies your claims on exclusion grounds or other shifty bases, we may be able to help you take them on and get what’s due to you. Many insurance companies hide exclusion clauses and other disqualifiers in their fine print.

As a result, many business entities and individuals miss this vital information when they’re signing on with the insurance provider. By the time they find out, it’s already too late. The good news is that you may be able to contest denied claims if there is proof of deception or misrepresentation in the insurance contract agreement.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Even though non-disclosures (NDA) are often a standard part of business agreements, it is important for the parties involved to understand what they’re signing. Unfortunately, not many read the fine details of these agreements, leading to possible legal issues in the future.

If you’re currently on the verge of signing an NDA, our attorneys take a quick look at the agreement for you to ensure that there are no potential pitfalls or bottlenecks. And if you’re currently dealing with an NDA-related business dispute in Texas, come talk to us about it, and we’ll see what legal counsel we can offer.

Non-Compete Contracts

Non-competes are standard practice in business. It’s how businesses ensure that the entities they’re in a commercial relationship with, don’t rip off their models, products, or services, and become their direct competition.

The agreement may also include clauses about not working for competing firms in the same industry for a certain period of time –usually during the duration of the business relationship or after the contract has been terminated.

Most non-competes are fair and reasonable. But if you find that yours isn’t, you may file a business dispute lawsuit on various grounds.

Fiduciary Duty Breach

All business relationships require implied trust. When that trust is broken, particularly when there’s a clear demonstration of conflict of interest, the errant party can be sued for a breach of fiduciary duty. This legal proceeding is often complicated and stressful and requires the unique expertise of an experienced legal professional.