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What Is the Main Cause of Car Accidents?

Being in a car accident is terrifying, and the consequences can be even more stressful. Victims often deal with more stress than anticipated after the auto accident due to injuries, property loss, medical costs, and missed pay. It’s normal to question what caused it and if you could have done anything to prevent it.

While some auto accidents are inevitable, many are avoidable. Certain factors contribute to auto accidents more frequently than others. This article will cover the main causes of car accidents and how you can deal with the aftermath. 

By being aware of causation, and with the help of a car accident lawyer from The Buzbee Law Firm, you will be in a better place to protect yourself before ever getting into one or after experiencing a collision. 

What Are the Current Statistics on Car Accidents in 2022?

Does Distracted Driving Lead to Serious Car Accidents?

How Common are Impaired Driving Accidents?

How Does Speeding Contribute to Car Accidents?

What Can You Do to Prevent and Recover from a Car Accident?



What is the Average Settlement Payout for a Car Accident?

Do Personal Injury Attorneys Help to Investigate Accident Causes?

What Are the Current Statistics on Car Accidents?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) releases quarterly information regarding car accidents in the United States to monitor and deter unsafe driving trends. This year’s car accident statistics reveal the following:

An increase in crash-related fatalities have risen about 0.5% since 2021

  1. In 2020, over 11,000 people were killed due to speeding
  2. An estimated  8% of fatal crashes, 14% of injury crashes, and 13% of all motor vehicle traffic crashes that the police reported in 2020 were caused by distracted driving.
  3. Drunk driving, driving while distracted, speeding, drowsy driving, and drug-impaired driving are the leading causes of car accidents on our nation’s roads.

Does Distracted Driving Lead to Serious Car Accidents?

Distractions while driving can happen in any circumstance, but cell phone usage is the main cause of car accidents. State laws have banned texting and even talking on your phone while driving. Still, over 3,000 people lost their lives in 2020 due to distracted driving.

Distracted driving behaviors are commonly displayed by talking, applying makeup, eating, smoking, or looking in the back seat while driving. It only takes three seconds to take your attention away from driving to cause a car collision. 

How Common Are Impaired Driving Accidents?

A drunk driver claims one person’s life every 45 minutes, with Texas leading as the number one state for drunk driving fatalities. Since 2019, this number of drunk drivers has increased by a sharp 1%, making it one of the leading causes of auto accidents in 2022.

Because alcohol and other drugs have the potential to impair driving at the following blood alcohol concentrations (BAC) levels, each state has regulations in place to limit the amount of alcohol that may be consumed before driving:

  • .02 BAC:  Loss of the ability to do two things at once and a loss in visual functions 
  • .05 BAC: Lessened coordination, tracking of moving objects, steering problems, and responsiveness to emergency driving circumstances
  • .08 BAC: Poor perception, diminished short-term memory, impaired speed control, and decreased information processing capability 
  • .10 BAC: Reduced capacity to hold one’s lane position and apply the brakes correctly 
  • .15 BAC: Significant impairment in vehicle control, attention to the task of driving, and processing what you see and hear

How does Speeding Contribute to Car Accidents?

About 30% of car collision fatalities list speeding as the contributing factor. Speeding endangers the life of the driver and everyone around because it increases the risk of losing control of a vehicle, reduces the ability to stop immediately, and leads to severe injuries. 

Regardless of whether a driver is running late, frustrated from traffic, or just outright speeding for fun, this risky behavior threatens the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists alike.

What Can You do to Prevent and Recover from a Car Accident?

Car accidents are common occurrences but don’t have to be. Many studies have shed light on ways that drivers can prevent car wrecks from occurring as well as what to do if you are in a car crash. Maximize your safety in either situation with the following tips:


To prevent car accidents between yourself and other drivers, cyclists, or pedestrians:

  1. Watch your speed and adapt to weather or road conditions as needed. 
  2. Check both ways before entering an intersection.
  3. Obey traffic laws- stop at all red lights and stop signs long enough to ensure no other drivers are proceeding.
  4. Do not drive while impaired by alcohol, drugs, or any other substance that distorts your cognitive abilities.
  5. Do not tailgate other cars. Leave adequate distances in between for safe braking.
  6. Be kind and aware while driving. Share the road and pay attention to those around you.


Immediately following an accident:

  1. Visit a doctor to run tests and document your symptoms as soon as possible
  2. Follow through with your treatment plan. Do not skip any orders or appointments over the course of your recovery
  3. Rest and consult with an attorney that can help you gather evidence such as police reports, traffic footage, and witness statements to help you pursue legal action and have accident-related expenses handled by the at-fault party. 

What Is the Average Settlement Payout for a Car Accident?

There’s no accurate online calculator for figuring out how much your vehicle accident claim is worth, as we’ve explained in earlier articles. On the other hand, a car accident lawyer from The Buzbee Law Firm can help determine a car accident’s settlement value by evaluating what caused the car accident and a number of factors, such as:

  • The extent of your wounds
  • If you immediately went to the hospital to have your wounds treated
  • Your injuries’ diagnosis and the treatments you’ll receive
  • If you correctly implemented the recommended course of treatment
  • If your injuries have left you with any permanent impairments or scars
  • What conditions you had before, and how severe were they
  • The percentage of liability from either party
  • Witness testimonies
  • Driver history
  • Insurance policy limits
  • Retention of legal help

Do Personal Injury Attorneys Help to Investigate Accident Causes?

Yes! If you retain the legal services of a personal injury attorney, it will be their responsibility to investigate the main cause of your car accident. Establishing liability is detrimental to securing compensation through a car accident settlement. 

With the help of an accident investigative specialist, The Buzbee Law Firm can recreate the scene of the accident to determine what happened and who was primarily at fault.