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What Is Commercial Litigation?

What is commercial litigation? Commercial litigation represents a legal practice area that deals with business disputes. Commercial litigation can involve one or more business parties.

Cases involving commercial litigation often become very complicated here in Texas. Fortunately, you do not have to handle them on your own. Instead, you can work with a commercial litigation lawyer from our team at the Buzbee Law Firm.

What Is Commercial and Corporate Litigation?

Commercial and corporate litigation deals with different aspects of business law. Commercial litigation cases may involve one or more business entities. Often, these entities deal with different legal codes that range from state to federal laws.

Due to the complicated nature of commercial litigation, the professionals generally recommend that individuals seek legal guidance. A Texas commercial litigation attorney can either represent a client as a plaintiff or defendant.

Is Commercial Litigation Like Civil Litigation in Texas?

Commercial litigation cases resemble civil litigation in some ways. For example, commercial and civil litigation lawyers both:

Investigate Cases for Their Client

The investigative process for both commercial and civil cases can involve questioning witnesses, looking at official documents, and working with experts. Lawyers focus on digging into the facts about these cases.

Assess the Facts of the Case

Lawyers look into any liabilities their clients face when handling civil and commercial cases. They may also look for places where other parties breached the law or a legally binding agreement.

Take Legal Actions

Civil and commercial lawyers can handle many legal tasks on behalf of their clients. For example, our team can negotiate settlements, file lawsuits, and draft official letters or documents for the clients we serve in Texas.

Assist Clients in and Out of Court

Finally, civil and commercial lawyers take charge of legal tasks before, during, and after a trial. They can help by filing pre-trial motions and representing their clients before a judge and jury.

How do Commercial and Civil Ligitation Differ?

When understanding what commercial litigation is, it’s essential to go over the ways this aspect of the law differs from civil cases. Generally, commercial litigation involves one or more businesses. Commercial litigation lawyers have experience handling:

  • Legally binding agreements
  • Industry-specific contracts
  • Legal actions involving multiple jurisdictions
  • Actions filed through federal court
  • Class-action lawsuits

You may want to review a more complex commercial litigation definition if you’re looking to hire an attorney to represent your business. Reach out to us in this situation to get clear answers to all your legal questions.

What Is a Commercial Law Case in Texas?

Commercial litigation lawyers handle many different kinds of cases. Any case involving business entities may qualify as an example of commercial law. You may want to work with a legal professional if you need to handle cases involving:

  • Bad faith
  • Business torts
  • Employment and labor
  • Product liability
  • Securities
  • Tax disputes

Commercial litigation lawyers often become involved in specific industries, including aviation and construction. They can help with actions involving debtors, creditors, and fraud. In many cases, businesses turn to these lawyers for help with:

  • Cases involving patent infringement
  • Disputes in LLC membership
  • Issues with unfair competition

Law firms that handle business litigation can also assist with internal matters, including shareholder issues

What Are Examples of Texas Commercial Litigation?

We’ve provided an overview of cases handled by commercial litigation attorneys in Texas. In addition, some specific examples of commercial litigation claims can help you learn more about this aspect of the law.

Commercial litigation professionals often handle:

Antitrust Cases

Businesses accused of ignoring regulations for fair competition can face an antitrust claim in Texas. Companies in this situation may face both civil and criminal charges. A legal professional can help with these charges.

Breaches of Contract

Many businesses use contracts to dictate the terms of a business arrangement. For example, your business could use contracts when working with employees, contractors, vendors, and even clients.

If one party violates the agreement with a breach of contract, a lawyer can step in to resolve the matter while representing your interests.

Class Action Lawsuits

Sometimes, people who have experienced a similar kind of injury or loss work together to bring a legal claim against a single business entity. We often see these class action lawsuits in situations involving defective products.

A commercial litigation lawyer can support businesses facing class action lawsuits.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Businesses rely on intellectual property as they build a name and brand for themselves. Your business may count on your patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Other companies using these pieces of intellectual property can face legal repercussions.

Regulatory Issues

Both the state and federal governments place many regulations on businesses. Companies that ignore these regulations can face sanctions through the civil and criminal court systems. Commercial litigation experts can help companies to avoid these issues by ensuring they adhere to all applicable laws.


Many people and businesses invest in securities. Sometimes, disputes arise regarding these transactions. Commercial litigation lawyers can step in to help sort out the conflicts, allowing business to continue.

How does the Commercial Litigation Field Change?

The landscape around commercial litigation constantly changes due to the effects of:

  • Governmental regulations and rules
  • Court appointments
  • Political appointments
  • The economy
  • Technological advancements

Commercial litigation lawyers focus on keeping up with all these changes, allowing them to keep providing their clients with up-to-date solutions to their legal needs.

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What is commercial litigation? Commercial litigation represents the area of the law that deals with companies and business transactions. You can learn more about commercial litigation by reaching out to our team at the Buzbee Law Firm.

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