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What Is Business Litigation?

Securing compensation for a personal injury accident isn’t always straightforward. For example, if your case involves the failure of a product or corporate negligence, what you’re pursuing is actually business litigation. But what is business litigation, and how do you go about securing the funds you need to recover from the appropriate parties?

This is where our personal injury attorneys come into play. You can collaborate with the team at Buzbee Law Firm to discuss what right you may have to business litigation. We can prepare you for the effort you will need to put in to secure your preferred compensation and stand beside you through negotiations or a trial.

Business Litigation Begets a Wide Range of Legal Action

When facing unexpected losses based on corporate negligence, distinguishing between business litigation and personal injury can be tricky. What is business litigation, then, and how does it intermingle with personal injury in civil court?

Business litigation, like personal injury, is a vast category within the legal field. Should you ever wish to pursue business litigation against an offending party, you may find yourself taking action in the wake of:

  • Employment disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Class action
  • Automotive litigation
  • Shareholder abuse or misconduct
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Partnership disputes

The overlap between personal injury and business litigation begins to play out here. For example, class action lawsuits can cite multiple parties’ personal injuries when bringing action against a corporation. Breach of contract can result in the legal and physical injury of the offended party. You can discuss additional overlap with our attorneys.

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Are In-House Lawyers the Same As Business Litigation Lawyers?

Business litigation lawyers go by a variety of names, from commercial litigators to in-house lawyers. However, the label you apply to a business litigation lawyer varies depending on the nature of your relationship with them.

While “business litigation lawyer” and “commercial litigator” are relatively interchangeable, in-house lawyers are not always the same thing as business litigation lawyers.

Specifically, victims of corporate misuse are unlikely to go to an in-house lawyer for representation. Instead, in-house lawyers tend to represent corporations in the face of personal injury law.

When to Pursue Business Litigation

Corporations, with a vast network of connections, May come to the erroneous conclusion that today are invulnerable to legal action. As such, these parties may take harmful action against clients or Partners whom they believe they can intimidate out of legal recourse.

You do not have to let such a business attempt to deny you your right to post-accident compensation. You can instead collaborate with a business litigation attorney to ensure that you have the means to properly address the negligence that did such harm in your life.

Specifically, it is in your best interest to pursue business litigation against an offending party as soon as you recognize negligence that contributed to your losses. The statute of limitations applied to business litigation may vary depending on the nature of your losses and any limited liability applicable to said corporation.

Fortunately, you can work with a business litigation lawyer to determine what the bounds of your case may be.

The Perks of Working With a Business Litigation Lawyer

There is a reason that lawyers are required to go to school and pass the bar exam. Legislation on an individual level is complicated on its own. When you have to address liability and legality on a corporate level, the average person can rapidly find themselves overwhelmed.

As such, to take the right steps and maintain your best interest, you should collaborate with a business litigation lawyer in the face of corporate misuse. Specifically, business litigation lawyers can help you with the following:


If you intend to partner your endeavors with larger businesses, collaborating with a business litigation lawyer as those negotiations take place can help you prevent the misconduct that might later play out in your partnership. A business litigation lawyer can assess the validity of particular contracts and ensure distributions are fair between all parties.

Moreover, you can have an attorney look over any documents assigned to you by a partner Corporation to ensure that you nor your other partners may take on liability for corporate misconduct.

Finally, you can rely on a business litigation lawyer to help you get ahead of any suspicious behavior or negligent conduct that might compromise your safety or the safety of an Affiliated business.


The nature of business litigation is not always clear. Both as a consumer and a possible partner, you have to contend with state and federal restrictions placed on your business. Breaking down this legislation is not for the faint of heart, as the legalese surrounding certain expectations can rapidly appear to contradict itself.

When you have a business litigation lawyer on hand, however, you can avoid any confusion brought about by legal language. Our parties can go over essential documents for you, elaborate on their meeting, and ensure that they treat you fairly.

If you are in the process of establishing contracts for your own operation or verifying the nature of future Partnerships, our team can further ensure that your language is as clear as possible. This way, any negotiations into which you enter can benefit you on paper and give you the means to protect yourself from future harm.


You are a busy person. Your day-to-day needs aren’t always going to allow you the time you need to assess the details of a possibly negligent legal contract. In the face of your responsibilities, you need a partner who can help you address any concerns you may have but don’t have time to consider.

This is the job of a business litigation lawyer. When you partner with our team, we take time to specifically consider the nature of any injuries done to you or partnerships into which you entered. In turn, we can let you know what your actionable path forward looks like. We cannot even represent you as you pursue a suggested path.