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What Is a Complex Business Dispute?

What is a complex business dispute? Generally, lawyers use this term to refer to specific conflicts involving commercial or business litigation. Cases involving multiple parties, multiple venues, or a lot of money may receive this label.

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What Is a Complex Legal Issue for Businesses?

Business owners can face several issues as they navigate laws and legal agreements. Business litigation often involves problems with illegal activities, especially with the aim of earning money for a business.

These disputes may become complex when they deal with:

Several Parties

Business deals rarely involve only two people. Instead, you may end up in a legal situation involving multiple:

  • Employees
  • Contractors
  • Subcontractors
  • Officers
  • Board members
  • Shareholders

The more people involved in the dispute, the more complex the issue becomes.

Several Locations

Legal cases also become more complicated if the business operates in several different locations or if the case involves claims in multiple jurisdictions. Finally, lawyers consider cases that involve both the state and the federal court system to be complicated.

High Damages

Business disputes can often involve high damages. Any case involving over $750,000 may qualify as complex in Texas. A business dispute lawyer can help you handle all the unique aspects of these claims.

Technical Business Issues

Businesses often keep extensive records. Dealing with these records can increase the complexity of a dispute. You may want to work with a specialized professional when dealing with a claim that involves:

  • Tax issues
  • Accounting
  • Lending
  • Financing
  • Insurance coverage

In these cases, lawyers often work with financial experts to handle all aspects of the case appropriately.

What Are Examples of Complex Business Disputes?

Business law often deals with very complex cases. Examples of these cases include disputes that involve:


We use the term whistleblowers to refer to individuals who speak out about potentially dangerous practices by a company. Lawyers serving whistleblowers have to follow strict procedures.

Businesses that face accusations from a whistleblower may want to discuss the False Claims Act with a legal professional.


Sometimes, business owners get into a dispute with one another. Their relationships may eventually break down, threatening the overall health and stability of the business. Lawyers can step in to handle these complex disputes.

For example, lawyers may step in to handle issues with oppressed shareholders. Oppressed shareholders generally have a minority interest and receive unfair treatment from partners with more business power.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property cases involve trademarks, patents, and copyrighted materials. It can be challenging to prove that your business has an intellectual property case without the help of a legal professional.

Trade Secrets

Many businesses keep professional secrets as they develop products and services. For example, a restaurant may keep specific recipes confidential. Interlopers who steal these trade secrets could instigate a complex business dispute.

Unfair Competition

Sometimes, businesses try to get employees or contractors to sign non-compete clauses as part of their contracts. In some cases, lawyers can take steps to legally dispute these clauses, allowing an employee to work for a competitor.

First Amendment Issues

The First Amendment grants employees the right to express their religion and demonstrate free speech. It also protects the right to petition and assemble. Businesses that attempt to suppress these rights could end up in a complex business dispute.


Some individuals accuse businesses of fraud, a white-collar crime. Unethical or deceitful business practices can lead to fraud accusations. Lawyers can help companies to deal with charges for:

  • Credit card fraud
  • Wire transfer fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Tax fraud

Contacting a business dispute lawyer in Texas can find out more about specific fraud charges.

How Lawyers Help You Handle Complex Business Disputes

What is a complex business dispute? Any legal case involving complicated business issues may qualify as a complex business dispute. While these cases may feel challenging to handle, a lawyer can help you every step of the way.

An experienced lawyer can step in to:

  • Analyze the facts and complicating factors of your case
  • Take care of injunction requests and restraining orders
  • Develop a specialized strategy to meet your needs
  • Pursue a favorable outcome for your case

A legal team can advise clients about each legal option to resolve the dispute.

How do Companies Resolve Complex Business Disputes?

There’s no single way to resolve a complex business dispute in Texas. So, instead, attorneys consider all the facts of each case and provide options for their clients.

Depending on your situation, your lawyer may advise you to go into arbitration with another party or even settle out of court. In other cases, a lawyer may advise you to pursue a lawsuit in the court system.

Working with a business lawyer before a problem arises can allow a company to prepare for these complex situations. A lawyer can also provide information about local, state, and federal regulations, allowing businesses to avoid potential issues and lawsuits.

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