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What Are Some Examples of the Type of Clients That Will Hire You for Business Litigation Needs?

Business litigation, as the name suggests, deals with the legal aspects of a business or formal partnership. An ideal clientele includes business owners facing employment concerns such as wage-hour disputes, discrimination claims, and wrongful termination suits.

While disagreements over the sale or purchase of products and services are the most common cause of business litigation, shareholder conflicts and dissolution of partnerships are other frequent causes leading to litigation.

Tenant-landlord conflicts are also widespread in the commercial sector. Our commercial litigation attorneys offer legal assistance to analyze the case dynamics.

Common Disputes Our Business Litigation Lawyers Represents

Litigation in business refers to defending or settling legal issues between businesses. A business litigation attorney specializes in representing companies when a dispute emerges. Our Business litigation attorneys work with you to give you an idea of how you fit into the company’s bigger picture and fight for your interests.

Most businesses don’t require full-time in-house business litigation counsel; they hire law firms to assist with legal matters when necessary. A business litigation attorney’s services might cover many client needs. Here are some disputes that our business litigation attorneys often deal with:

  • Disputes in the areas of employment litigation, representation, and advice
  • Disputes related to collaboration and coordination in business activities
  • Disputes arising from contract interpretations and negotiations
  • Disputes involving firm shareholders
  • Disputes of contract breach

As your business litigator, we are aware of actions and steps to take to defuse the situation and keep cool in the face of potential tension and stress. We can also assist you with fast and inexpensive alternative dispute resolution procedures to help settle matters outside court.

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Alternatives Dispute Resolution in Case of Business Conflicts

You can avoid expensive court trials by opting for the two primary alternatives to litigation: mediation and arbitration.


The mediation procedure occurs before a case goes to trial. The parties, their lawyers, and a neutral third party all participate in a typical mediation session. Before going to court, mediation may help disputed parties find a solution.

The mediators can’t impose their will on either party. They can only facilitate communication and support a compromise. Parties are free to go on with litigation if mediation fails to produce a settlement following a good faith attempt by both sides.


Arbitration combines elements of both mediation and court proceedings. Through the arbitration process, all parties and their respective attorneys submit their arguments to a neutral third party, the arbitrator, who then makes a decision. An arbitration case may be heard by a single arbitrator or a panel of arbitrators.

After listening to both sides and reviewing the evidence, the neutral third party will next make a ruling on the matter. The involved parties must abide by the judgment. The arbitration rulings are final and can’t be challenged in court.

Before choosing a path for your case, you must consult a business litigation lawyer. They will assess your case and suggest you the right path.

Is It Crucial to Hire an Attorney for Business Litigation?

Business litigation attorneys can’t prevent lawsuits, but we can help solve legal disputes by identifying potential issues and possibilities. It is our job to advise clients on the best course of action. A company owner may assess whether it is in their best interest to defend a claim or reach a negotiated settlement with legal representation.

We can weigh the merits of either side of your case’s arguments and use the more favorable facts to your advantage or find strategies to mitigate the impact of the less favorable information. We have experienced trial lawyers and know how evidence and negotiation can change the legal course for you.

What Steps Do We Take if Your Partner Breached Your Contract?

If your business partner wronged you, here are some steps business litigation attorneys take to protect your business:

Verify the Problem

If you believe there has been a breach of contract, you should first verify the issue exists and define its nature. It’s the first thing we do when clients accuse their business partners of breaking a contract.

Rights and Obligations

The second thing we do is analyze your legal standing per the contract and any applicable statutes. We carefully analyze and clarify your responsibilities and obligations under the contract. You will thoroughly understand your legal standing, and our findings will demonstrate that your business partner is up to no good.

Address the Issue

Most of the time, we advise our clients to talk to a partner in the company first. You should talk to an executive if your potential partner is a corporation. Then, you need to clearly articulate the problem and inquire about the business partner’s reasoning.

Sometimes, all that stands between the parties is a simple misunderstanding, or the other party is prepared to cease breaking the contract and even make up for any harm.


Unfortunately, there are situations when a contract breach can’t be resolved by peaceful negotiation. If that’s the case, we extend legal recourse to you. At this stage, we may initiate the process by filing a lawsuit or taking other legal action.

As a business owner, you must put every obligation and term on paper. Don’t rush into signing a contract without consulting an attorney. Legal representation will minimize doubts and ambiguities, which will help avert future problems. Be sure to keep and file vital transaction paperwork.

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