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What Are Some Common Misconceptions People Have About Business Litigation?

Business litigation plays an essential role in the legal world. However, many people have heard myths about this area of the law. What are some common misconceptions people have about business litigation, and what’s the truth?

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Misconception #1: It’s Easy to Resolve Business Litigation Cases

Many people assume they can just file a complaint, head to court, and speak with a judge when dealing with business litigation. In truth, business litigation often includes many steps that focus on resolving cases before they ever go to court.

Commercial litigation lawyers require extensive training and experience to handle these cases. Lawyers often focus on finding leverage and making all parties want to resolve an issue.

Lawyers may have to file motions, handle an extended period of discovery, exchange documents, and focus on creating a window that allows them to handle a claim in the best interests of their clients.

Business Claims Often Take Longer Than Expected

Many business owners expect their cases to wrap up quickly, so they can get on with their work. However, in many cases, litigation can take one to two years. It may take longer in some situations.

Having a lawyer on your side allows someone else to take care of your legal concerns while you focus on your business.

Misconception #2: Business Lawyers Want to Take Out Small Businesses

Many small business owners worry that business litigation lawyers want their businesses to fail. While some larger companies may hire business ligation firms, the lawyers themselves do not want to ruin any companies.

In fact, many commercial litigation lawyers focus on helping small businesses succeed. Working with a business lawyer can even out the playing field when you face larger companies. Your lawyer can:

  • Give you personalized advice
  • Help you reduce your risks and liability
  • Guide you as your business grows

You can learn more about the services offered by business lawyers by reaching out to a professional team.

Misconception #3: You Should Only Hire a Lawyer When Things Go Wrong

Some business owners believe they should only contact a lawyer if they face a lawsuit. However, waiting to get legal help can put you at a disadvantage in the business world.

Working with a lawyer before a problem arises can help you stay on the road to success. Proactive business owners work closely with business litigation lawyers for help:

  • Tracking all important legal deadlines
  • Meeting all state and federal regulations on your business
  • Taking advantage of business opportunities

Working with a law firm before a problem arises also means you can respond quickly if you face litigation. Your lawyer can provide immediate assistance and advice.

Misconception #4: Business Litigation Lawyers Charge too Much

Many smaller businesses avoid hiring a business litigation lawyer because they’re worried about the costs. You may worry that all business lawyers charge high rates, pricing their services out of your reach.

Fortunately, business law firms charge a wide range of rates for their services. You can look for a firm that fits your price range. However, before you start working with a lawyer, the experts recommend that you consider their:

  • Track record helping businesses like yours
  • Experience with business law
  • Available services

In many cases, you can find a law firm that offers the services you need at a price you can afford.

Consider Hiring a Law Firm With Flat-Rate Fees

Many businesses worry about the hourly rates charged by law firms in our area. However, you may find some lawyers that charge flat rate fees instead.

Generally, lawyers charge flat rate fees for specific routine jobs, like taking care of the documentation for your corporation. If you only need specific services from a business attorney, consider this option to keep your costs lower.

Misconception #5: Mailing a Document Can Copyright Your Work

Copyrighting your work can protect your intellectual property (IP), a significant concern for many businesses. Your intellectual property can include trademarks, trade secrets, and other essential documents, including your mascot or slogan.

Many people have heard rumors that they can copyright material by mailing it. While this would be easy, unfortunately, the rumor has no basis in fact. This form of protection does not hold up during court cases.

Fortunately, a business lawyer can walk you through the process of establishing an official copy mark for your work and paying the necessary fees. Lawyers can also help you handle business contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and other essential business documents.

Misconception #6: Your Contract Has to Include Complicated Language

Many business owners have specific expectations about what a contract should include. You may picture a lot of complicated “legalese” and a lot of confusing subheadings. While contracts must contain some legal language, they don’t need to be confusing.

Lawyers focus on specific tasks when writing a contract, namely addressing all your concerns and clearly hitting all the essential details. Including unnecessary terms in an agreement can actually make it easier for another lawyer to dispute.

You can work with a lawyer to discuss your specific legal concerns when drawing up a business contract and focusing on issues like trademark infringement.

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What are some common misconceptions people have about business litigation? These misconceptions can deal with the needs of your business. You can discuss them in greater detail with our team at the Buzbee Law Firm.

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