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Is It Worth Hiring A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

In the event of a motorbike accident, you may find it beneficial to retain the services of a lawyer.

A motorcycle accident attorney can be vital in establishing liability and securing financial compensation after an accident. A lawyer can ensure that all of your damages are accounted for.

Your lawyer can also handle the legal aspects of your motorcycle accident lawsuit so you may focus on getting better. Consultations with personal injury attorneys who specialize in motorcycle accidents are typically free of charge to those who have been hurt. 

Many attorneys will accept your case at no risk or out-of-pocket expense to you. Without investing a dollar, you can talk to a law firm about your legal situation, obtain information about your alternatives, and have a better grasp of what a lawyer can do for you.

Important Considerations Before Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you had a minor fender bender with no injuries, a lawyer may not make financial sense in your claim. However, it’s crucial to ensure that you are thoroughly evaluated by a medical professional before taking a settlement. You may have underlying issues that you aren’t yet aware of.

In the event of a more serious motorcycle accident, you need compensation that takes into account not just the monetary costs but also your physical and emotional trauma and any diminished quality of life.

Having a motorcycle accident attorney on your side does more than just ensure your rights are protected and medical expenses are covered. They will work relentlessly to establish liability against the careless driver and secure the highest possible compensation on your behalf.

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How Can a Lawyer Help After You Have Been in a Motorcycle Accident?

Lawyers for personal injuries are aware of how challenging it can be to convince an insurance company to pay out a claim following a motorbike accident. You may encounter several roadblocks including mountains of paperwork, unreturned phone calls, and inadequate settlement offers.

Insurance firms exist to make a profit for their shareholders. They don’t care much about your well-being and will try various methods to avoid giving you what you deserve. An attorney can handle communications with insurers while you focus on getting better.

The following are examples of some of the services that we can provide for you:

  • Comprehensive assessment of the evidence that is available to identify all potential sources of liability
  • Protecting your right to compensation and avoiding setbacks in the process by filing the necessary paperwork and claims with the relevant agencies in a timely manner
  • Collecting proof to back up your claims, such as testimonies from witnesses, dash cam footage, cell phone videos shot by eyewitnesses, and security or traffic camera footage
  • Recovering your financial losses via negotiations with insurance companies and opposing attorneys
  • Communicate with the insurance provider, the opposing attorney, and all other pertinent parties
  • Court preparation and representation if litigation is required

Since insurance companies normally want to avoid the expense of litigation, having legal representation can sometimes speed things along. As a result, the insurance provider may be convinced to help expedite matters before they reach the courthouse.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Can Help You Get Your Hands On Necessary Evidence

If you’re going to sue the other driver for causing the collision, you’ll need to prove that they were at fault. Due to the comparative negligence laws in many states, the insurance company might try to shirk their responsibility by putting some or all of the blame on you. 

A lawyer is well aware of this tactic and can use all the resources at his or her disposal to collect the necessary evidence to prove your claim and preserve your right to collect the full amount of damages that you are owed.

The following are only a few examples of the kind of evidence an attorney may be able to gather to support your claim:

  • Photographs of the accident site, depicting all involved vehicles. 
  • Identification of witnesses and collection of witness statements
  • Expert witness testimony to prove just how badly you were hurt or to prove how the accident happened
  • Video captured of the incident from a traffic camera, a security camera, or the dashboard camera
  • Evidence of your injuries, such as medical records
  • Formal police reports on traffic collisions
  • Documentation of losses and damages in monetary terms, such as pay stubs and store receipts
  • Toxicology reports, accident history of other drivers

A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you collect and preserve this critical evidence while locating documentation to back up your claims of monetary and material damages. Gathering evidence and witness contact info before it is too late can make or break certain cases, so don’t hesitate to seek help. 

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Know How to Protect Your Rights and Your Interests

Accident victims often don’t know that if they accept an insurance company’s lowball offer, they can’t sue for any further damages, even if they later discover that the offer was grossly inadequate.

People who are injured sometimes just don’t know how much it may cost them in the long run to treat their injuries. They are unaware that a missed promotion at work might result in financial compensation and that the loss of future earning potential is a factor.

The full calculation of the damages you have suffered is crucial to your claim, and a motorcycle injury attorney will know that. If the insurance company is attempting to lowball your settlement offer, hiring an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer might be a good strategy to counter their efforts.

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Learn More About Hiring a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for Your Specific Case

When it comes to getting injured people compensated financially, the Buzbee Law Firm has had a lot of success on our side. Motorcycle accidents can be devastating both financially and emotionally, and we will fight to make sure your pain and suffering are fully compensated.

We’ve formed our practice around the principle that those who’ve been hurt should receive full financial compensation. We have perfected our abilities to fight for the rights of those whose lives have been upended by the recklessness of others.

We may be able to do the same for you. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and find out if we can assist you.