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How Many Deaths Are Due to Some Sort of Burn?

The American Burn Association states there are around 3,400 deaths each year due to burns in the United States. Many of these deaths aren’t caused by the burn but by complications after the burn.

People who have been severely burned in accidents need immediate hospitalization to avoid death from these complications. The treatment of a burn takes a long time and can be costly, which is why you should work with a burn injury lawyer to see if you’re eligible for compensation.

Death From Burn Shock

The first 24 hours of treatment after a major burn is critical. This is the time when burn shock can set in and kill a victim. When blood vessels get burned away, parts of the body may not get enough oxygen. This can create a state of shock in the body that spirals out of control. After stabilization, treatment for burn shock is the next step for burn specialists.

Complications of burn shock include acute renal failure, liver failure, cardiac failure, permanent brain damage, and death. Anyone with a severe burn must see a doctor for treatment as soon as possible to avoid catastrophic injury or death.

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Death From Burn Infections

The skin’s primary role is to prevent bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens from entering the body. The open wounds from burns let these march right into the body to cause major infections. Sepsis caused by these infections can kill you easily.

Long-term specialized burn care can also create routes for infection. Using breathing tubes and catheters for too long can create breeding grounds for bacteria. With a body already susceptible to infection, a disease can spread rapidly and cause death.

Death From Respiratory Failure

In many fires, it’s not the flame that kills you but the smoke. A burning home or vehicle is full of toxic chemicals that, when inhaled, cause respiratory problems. Breathe them in too long, and victims can suffer respiratory failure.

Protect Yourself From Fire

Thanks to improvements in materials and fire safety, the number of fatal burns has gone down. There are two things you can do to protect yourself from most home fires. The first is to install smoke alarms in your home. 47% of residential burn injury deaths happen in homes without alarms, according to the CDC.

The second is to avoid excessive drinking at home. A drunk person could leave a heat source out where it can cause a fire. Trying to leave a home while intoxicated can be impossible. It’s estimated that around 40% of residential burn injury deaths have alcohol as a factor.

Speak With a Wrongful Death Lawyer

If your loved one is one of the thousands of people who die because of a burn injury each year, let us offer our condolences and our help. The Buzbee Law Firm has wrongful death lawyers who can help you get compensation for your loved one’s death.

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