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Does the Court Provide an Oath Taker and Court Reporter That Is Certified by the Courts?

Does the court provide an oath taker and court-certified court reporter for cases in Texas? Yes, you can generally expect to find an oath taker and a certified court reporter on hand for cases handled in our state.

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Do Courts in Texas Have an Oath Taker?

The Texas Rules of Evidence require everyone who testifies during a court case to take an oath. This oath requires a statement that indicates that the witness intends to testify truthfully.

Historically, individuals speak the oath over the Bible or another holy book. However, this can vary based on the witness’s religious convictions. In most cases, an individual—the oath-taker—holds the book during the statement of the oath.

Generally, a clerk sitting beside the judge serves as an oath taker. However, the arrangement may vary based on the needs of the court. You can speak with a lawyer to get specifics about the usages of an oath taker in your case.