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Handling A Vast Array Of Commercial Litigation

When your business is in a lawsuit, whether as plaintiff or defendant, time is crucial. A lawsuit saps time, energy and money. Every month that goes by means more distraction to you and your employees. And, if you are paying your lawyers by the hour, every month also brings a continually larger legal bill, with new people billing (many of whom have never tried a case), increasing rates and other spiraling costs. And you are still no closer to conclusion. Or, if your business has a claim, you may find that no traditional firm will handle the case except on an hourly basis, at rates that you simply can’t afford. At the same time, those attorneys might have little actual trial experience.

At The Buzbee Law Firm, we represent clients on a contingency basis and we try cases. We like to take the risk of litigation with our clients and we are only paid when the case is over. That means we spend every minute with the same goal as you: conclude the case with the best possible result in the shortest time frame and the most efficient way available. Our lawyers have significant big firm commercial litigation experience and extensive trial experience. Tony Buzbee started his career at one of the best litigation boutiques in the country. If you are interested in putting that experience to work for you, give us a call.

Representative Matters

Some of the previous commercial litigation cases we’ve handled at our firm include:

  • Representing singer Jimmy Buffett in a trademark dispute in Galveston federal court. The matter concluded with the offending party being taken to jail and later agreeing to never sell an infringing product again.
  • Representing holders of commercial notes in action against them and their broker
  • Representing former clients in cases against their former lawyers, resulting in multiple settlements
  • Representing famed horse brokers in claims made against them by Jim “Mattress Mac” MacInvale
  • Defending and trying to verdict claim brought against client Texas Instruments. We obtained a $0 verdict on behalf of Texas Instruments.
  • Representing Galveston real estate developers against the Army Corps of Engineers
  • Representing the Port of Galveston in a commercial claim

At prior firms, our attorneys have represented numerous Fortune 500 companies in commercial litigation matters. The Buzbee Law Firm has been involved in hundreds of commercial disputes. Our team has a wealth of experience in commercial litigation matters, including breach of contract, fraud, conversion and interference with contract.

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