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“Products liability” is a legal term that describes a producer’s responsibility to make safe products for consumers. When corporations fail to live up to this responsibility, the legal system holds them liable for the damages caused. Consumer rights protections apply to you, and when manufacturers and corporations produce defective, dangerous or mislabeled products, The Buzbee Law Firm can hold them accountable for the resulting harm to you and your loved ones.

Attorney Tony Buzbee is a well-known and highly regarded Houston lawyer. In every case, he advocates for his clients with vigor and dedication. At The Buzbee Law Firm, our goal is clear: to help you achieve justice after your injury. Call us today at 844-349-9196 to schedule a time to talk with us in person.

Your Compensation

Dangerous products exist across industries. Defective toys, tires and household chemicals all can lead to substantial injuries. Unfortunately, companies are often reluctant to take responsibility for these products, and when they do, they often greatly undervalue relevant settlement offers. As a victim, you may be eligible for a wide range of compensation, such as coverage of:

  • Full medical expenses, including emergency services, diagnosis and follow-up care
  • Lost wages and other support for daily expenses, like child care, made necessary by your injury
  • Necessary in-home care and, when applicable, nursing home and care facility expenses
  • Relevant emotional and punitive damages

You do not need to struggle alone. Our legal team helps ensure the legal system hears your voice. With many cases settled out of court, we help find a fast resolution. When necessary, we prepare to fight for your best interests in the courtroom.

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