Personal Injury


Personal Injury

When an accident occurs due to negligence, an injured person may file suit against the negligent party to recover all of their damages. Damages usually include medical expenses, property damage, pain and suffering, loss of income and earning potential and, possibly, punitive damages. Proving a physical, emotional, or cognitive injury can be a difficult process.

The experienced and knowledgeable attorneys at the Buzbee Law Firm are qualified to handle difficult personal injury and accident cases. We are committed to protecting our clients’ rights and have shown our abilities in the most challenging and complex of injury cases. When you need a Houston personal injury lawyer, the smart thing to do is ask around, find out who other lawyers call to handle the personal injury claims of their loved ones. We are those lawyers.

Personal Injury Representation Matters

The Buzbee Law Firm has represented clients in suits against Ford Motor Company related to the Ford Explorer, taking one case to a significant verdict against Ford. Ford ultimately settled with the firm’s clients to their satisfaction.

The firm represented a Texas City family to pursue claims against the Texas City Independent School District related to alleged sexual assault of a special-needs child. Among other things, the settlement resulted in the school changing its policies pertaining to the investigation, prevention, and detection of sexual abuse in the school.

The firm was retained by a Friendswood, Texas family that owned and operated a dry cleaning business. Their dry cleaning machine spewed hot cleaning fluid, burning one of the owners over 60% of his body. The suit resulted in a financial settlement for the family and, as part of the settlement, the manufacturer performed a mandatory retrofit on all of its machines in an effort to prevent events like this in the future.

The firm recently handled a case on behalf of the estate of an elderly Texas City woman against a large energy utility, related to the death of the woman at her home. The case settled during trial for a confidential amount.

The firm is currently handling a case on behalf of a woman who was badly injured when her apartment manager set off a “bug bomb,” which caused her injuries.

The firm represented a local man who was injured at a hardware store when a clerk knocked several boards onto him. The matter settled on the eve of trial to the client’s satisfaction.

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