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Buzbee Talks Addicks Barker Reservo...
“Buzbee waves off such caution. “If you have your case on file and have litigated your case, you will always have better standing than someone who is sitting on the sidelines,” he says. His approach to the West Houston suits is based on a fascinating legal argument, one that taps at a core Texan belief: […] Read More
“Buzbee’s courtroom fer...
“…Houston attorney and former Aggie corps of cadets battalion commander Buzbee, 49, was appointed to A&M’s board by Rick Perry in 2013. A year later, he became Perry’s lead counsel and successfully fought for dismissal of an abuse-of-power indictment. Buzbee’s courtroom ferocity is legendary. After all, he served as a Marine captain in the Persian […] Read More
Buzbee Winner Of UH Law Dean’...
When the University of Houston Law Center needed a good lawyer, Tony Buzbee answered the call. Serving pro bono as lead counsel, he and a team of UH in-house and local attorneys protected the school’s name and brand in a federal trademark infringement lawsuit last year. It wasn’t the first — and won’t be the […] Read More
Buzbee Selected As Distinguished Ag...
The Texas Aggie Bar Association has announced that Anthony G. Buzbee ’90 has been selected as the 2017 Distinguished Aggie Lawyer. Buzbee will be honored March 4 at a banquet in the Memorial Student Center as part of the 18th Annual Conference of the Texas Aggie Bar Association. Texas A&M University President Michael K. Young will […] Read More
Buzbee Obtains Near $55M Verdict fo...
Tony Buzbee went before a jury again this month for his client Rafael Ortega, a Mexican grocery store chain owner, and secured a verdict of nearly $55 million in a case over breaches of fiduciary duty owed to Ortega. It was the second time Buzbee had secured a major jury award for Ortega. In a […] Read More
Buzbee Brings $10M Suit On Behalf O...
The Buzbee Law firm recently brought a $10 million lawsuit on behalf of a welder who claims his face was set “ablaze” while working at a crude oil terminal in Nederland. Seeking an award of punitive damages, Edward Galvan filed suit against Sunoco Pipeline, along with Carber Holdings and its Texas subsidiaries, on Aug. 15 […] Read More
Buzbee Wins $41 Million Verdict in ...
Tony Buzbee regularly generates headlines when he wins big,and even when he wins small. But this week, Buzbee won big. After a six-day long trial, Buzbee’s client, the estate of Jose Flores, a seaman who died after being bitten by a brown recluse spider while working on a vessel, won a $41 million jury verdict […] Read More
Tony Buzbee named Attorney of the Y...
After winning three nationally significant trial verdicts and leading the defense team for former Texas Gov. Rick Perry this past year, Tony Buzbee has been named the Texas Lawyer 2015 Attorney of the Year. As Texas Lawyer notes, “In the past 12 months, Buzbee served as lead for three trials that each led to more […] Read More
Buzbee Named Litigator of the Week ...
A $159 million verdict that a Houston jury issued for his clients will send a loud and clear message to corporate defendants in negligence cases in Harris County, Tony Buzbee said. The well-known plaintiffs lawyer argued that it is particularly true in this case, since that number is sans punitive damages. “This jury made it pretty clear […] Read More
Statement from Governor Perry’...
“One down, one to go,” Tony Buzbee, the lead attorney on Perry’s all star defense team, told the press on the court house steps today. “This is a clear step towards victory for the rule of law. The only remaining count we believe to be a misdemeanor, and the only issue is whether the governor’s […] Read More
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The Buzbee Law Firm is not your run-of-the-mill law firm. We don’t advertise for cases and then refer them to other lawyers. We don’t take cases with the intention of immediately contacting the insurance company to obtain a quick settlement. We don’t just pretend to be courtroom lawyers like so many lawyers do–we are the epitome of courtroom lawyers. We don’t talk a big game, but then, when things get tough, bail out or hope for a settlement for pennies on the dollar. The Buzbee Law Firm tries and wins big cases. Our track record is unmatched, and is a point of pride with us.

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Practice Areas

The Buzbee Law Firm handles all types of personal injury litigation, to include but not limited to, offshore injuries, railroad injuries (FELA), chemical exposures, wrongful death, car accidents, and 18-wheeler accidents.

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We believe in winning

We believe in winning. We believe in our clients. We believe in and respect our justice system. We believe in juries. We are proud of the wide range of cases in which we have been involved.

The Buzbee Law Firm is routinely involved in high stakes litigation with millions of dollars in play. We like contingency fee arrangements, because such an arrangement incentivizes us by allowing our firm to participate in the success we obtain. In those rare cases when we work at an hourly rate, we charge more than the run-of-the-mill firm. We believe we are worth it, and our experience demonstrates that our clients believe it, too.

The Buzbee Law Firm is routinely called upon to serve in leadership positions in high profile litigation. We relish these opportunities, because we believe that our clients benefit from it. We are currently involved in litigation involving various drugs, the NFL Concussion Litigation, the BP Benzene Litigation (Liaison Counsel), the Deepwater Horizon Explosion Litigation, the Port Arthur Oil Spill Litigation, the FEMA Toxic Tort Trailer Litigation (Steering Committee), the Reno Air Crash Litigation, and others. We welcome opportunities to partner with ethical lawyers with good cases who need our expertise, resources, and capital to bring high dollar litigation to fruition.

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