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The Basics On Pedestrian Injury Claims In Texas

I was a hit by a car while I was in a crosswalk in Texas. Who has the right-of-way?

A door-to-door salesperson tripped on our front steps and became injured. Can I be held responsible?

Do bikes or people have the right of way on sidewalks in Texas?

If my child has been injured or killed by a vehicle as a pedestrian in Texas, what are our rights?

How long will my Texas pedestrian accident case take?

If I am a pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle in Texas, is there anyone else I can sue?

I was jaywalking and was hit by a car, but the driver saw me and could have avoided me. Can I still sue?

If I am a pedestrian, does a motor vehicle driver owe me any special duty or care under Texas law?

As a pedestrian, what duty is placed upon me to avoid accidents in Texas?

What is considered a pedestrian accident in Texas?

What kinds of damages are available in a Texas pedestrian accident case?

I was rollerblading with my dog who pulled me out into traffic. Is the car that hit me liable?

I fell over a brick on a public sidewalk and was injured. Can I sue the property owners?

My son’s friend pushed him off the sidewalk into the path of an oncoming vehicle in Texas. Who is liable?


What if I was partially at fault for an accident in Texas?


Do I need to retain an attorney in my Texas pedestrian accident case?


What should I bring to the initial consultation with my attorney?


What should I look for in hiring an attorney to represent me in my Texas pedestrian accident case?


If I use sick leave or vacation for work days missed due to my Texas pedestrian accident, am I entitled to compensation?


Will it cost me any money to raise a Texas pedestrian accident case?


Do I have a pedestrian accident claim after being hit by an uninsured motorist?


Who can sue in a Texas pedestrian accident case?



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