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Meeting Gender Discrimination Head-On

Young women have often faced gender discrimination on the job, in public places and in society in general. Recently, the “Me Too” movement has brought to light the pervasiveness of sexual harassment and sexual abuse that millions of American women continue to encounter. Elevator rides, medical appointments and many other locations and circumstances are all opportunities that disrespectful people too often take advantage of at the expense of women.

Gender discrimination and sexual abuse experienced by people in other demographic groups — including men, women and children of all ages — are also a reality for many. Children in child care facilities, student athletes in coaching settings and elders in assisted living and nursing homes might also say, “Me too.” A skilled trial attorney can direct victims in paths leading to correction of the wrongdoing, and in some cases, compensation.

Consequences Of Damage Through Harassment And Abuse

Repercussions for people targeted through various forms of gender discrimination may include fear, anxiety, stress and other strong negative emotions. Victims may blame themselves, hate themselves or experience anger against their oppressors. Other consequences may include significant inconvenience, missed opportunities and loss of a good reputation. Whatever the particulars of gender discrimination and its effects on you, it is worth fighting back upon the realization that you have been a target.

If you believe a crime was committed, consider reporting the events to the police. If you were slighted at work or school, report the abuse to an official. No matter how gender discrimination has affected you, we also encourage you to discuss your situation with an empathetic, skilled plaintiff’s attorney. You may have a reason to bring legal action against a perpetrator or someone in a position of power or authority who failed to protect you. You may be eligible for compensation through a settlement or verdict.

Finding Solutions And Justice Through Legal Action

Human nature being what it is, gender discrimination and the humiliation and harm that go along with it may never become a thing of the past altogether. However, laws protecting people from discrimination offer hope in many circumstances. If you have been plagued by catcalling, denial of service, bullying, unwanted attention or other negative behaviors targeting you in a sexual manner, discuss your experiences with an qualified trial lawyer at The Buzbee Law Firm by calling 844-349-9196. From our office in Houston, we represent people throughout Texas and the U.S. We will gladly offer you a free initial consultation to let you tell us your story and learn how we can help.

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