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Representing The Injured And The Wronged In Toxic Tort Litigation

The Buzbee Law Firm recognizes that, particularly in Texas, government regulators provide limited regulatory oversight over the chemical and energy industries. We respect that decision and policy. However, those policies still require companies to follow the laws, be honest with the regulators and not cause harm to their neighbors.

When Industry Harms People’s Property Or Health

When companies violate their obligations and create environmental damage affecting nearby properties, people can get hurt. Neighboring property values can go down. Good companies that follow the law and do the right thing often get dragged down as well. When companies refuse to obey the law and cause their neighbors’ property to be damaged, our firm has repeatedly stepped in to make it right.

  • We handle property value loss claims due to either air or ground pollution.
  • We handle personal injury cases involving alleged toxic exposure.

We handle environmental cases for injured plaintiffs all over the country and are recognized by many other law firms for our accomplishments in this area of the law.

Representative Cases

The Buzbee Law Firm has become a nationwide leader in toxic tort litigation, having successfully handled cases in more than 10 states. The firm has handled numerous claims for people who have been injured through exposure to harmful chemicals from refineries and power plants.

The firm’s most notable success was a substantial jury verdict in Galveston federal court, on claims that BP Texas City exposed over 100 contract workers to harmful chemicals.

Ask us for access to press stories on our successes in environmental cases for past clients. While each case is different, we stand ready to help members of the public who have been damaged because some companies just do not follow environmental protection laws.

What Environmental Damage Issue Is On Your Mind?

Let us evaluate the facts of your case and help you discover legal remedies such as an individual lawsuit, a class action or a mass tort case. Call 844-349-9196 or send an inquiry through our simple online intake form.

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