Buzbee Files Major Lawsuit Against BP Regarding Benzene Leak

August 3, 2010
Galveston, Texas

Today, Tony Buzbee and the Buzbee Law Firm filed a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against BP, regarding a reported 40 day (from April 6 to May 16, 2010)  release of 538,000 pounds of toxic chemicals, including benzene, from BP's Texas City Refinery.  The refinery is the site of more than 15 deaths since 2005.  BP has been fined millions of dollars for safety violations at this refinery.  The suit is a class action but also includes more than 2,200 individually named people.  The firm anticipates amending the suit to add thousands more.

You can view a copy of the lawsuit by clicking here.

The lawsuit was covered extensively in the international, national and local media today (click on the name of the periodical to link to the story).


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