• The conventional wisdom is that the “safe” choice to make for every general counsel, or outside counsel providing advice to a small business, is that when legal services are needed, go with a traditional big firm. This might indeed be the conventional and safe choice, but it is not the most cost effective, or best choice. Before you hire him, ask your big firm lawyer how many cases has he actually tried? What incentive does your big firm lawyer have to move your case along quickly to resolution? What risk does your big firm lawyer have in the case, or is it your business who faces all the risk? Rather than focusing on results, is your big firm lawyer instead focused on his or her bottom line; that is, how many hours he or she can get away with billing, or how many associates he or she can put on your file?
    If you have a routine legal matter, The Buzbee Law Firm is not the right choice for your business. We are too expensive, and are not set up to handle the mundane, routine litigation that all too often clogs our legal system. However, if you have an important case, one upon which the company’s future may depend, you simply cannot afford to hire a big firm lawyer who lacks the skill or talent to ensure success.

    The Buzbee Law Firm has represented businesses as both plaintiffs and defendants. On defense cases, like plaintiff cases, we like fee arrangements where we are rewarded for success. We have represented business with hourly arrangements with a bonus for success, a reduced hourly rate and reverse contingency, flat fee arrangements, and others. If such arrangements are impractical, we will bill hourly; however, our hourly rates are higher than most big firm lawyers. We have found that, although our hourly rates are higher, our final bill is typically much, much lower than the big firms, and we are most always more successful.
    On plaintiff’s cases, we prefer contingency arrangements, with either the client or our firm carrying the costs. This arrangements allows us to have “skin” in the game, sharing the risk with our client. We will also work on plaintiff’s cases at our hourly rates.
    The Buzbee Law Firm has frequently been hired by clients as part of a team to represent businesses in important disputes. Indeed, frequently big firms hire us to act as lead counsel for important depositions or trial, while the big firm attorneys handle the day-to-day particulars of the case. These arrangements allow businesses to have both the safe choice, and the best choice–often with phenomenal results. If you have a business case, we look forward to discussing your important matter, and determining how our firm can help you.
    For potential new cases, contact us via email at or call the office toll-free at 1-800-992-5393.

  • The Buzbee Law Firm sometimes loans money to our clients.  Not every client receives a loan, and the decision to loan money is within the firm’s sole discretion. Loans are repaid from your portion of settlement proceeds.  If we do not recover money on your behalf, you do not have to pay back your loans.
    Loans are available to help clients survive financially during the pendency of their personal injury cases.  Our firm only lends money for this reason only; we do not lend money to better a client’s financial situation that existed prior to an injury, or for any matters unrelated to your litigation. We make every effort to help our clients financially if we are able to during their cases.  We cannot promise any potential client a loan before they have signed a Power of Attorney and become our client.  Our firm does not offer money to entice injured people to become our clients.  We only make loans to clients after we determine the soundness of their claims, and a legitimate need.
    We are not able to make loans for clients that live in states that prohibit attorneys from doing so, such as Florida, Washington, Alaska, Oregon, Tennessee, and California.
    For potential new cases, contact us via email at or call the office toll-free at 1-800-992-5393.

  • The Buzbee Law Firm helps with medical treatment for our clients.  When you are injured, job number one is getting the treatment that is medically necessary. Charges for these medical services are repaid from your portion of settlement proceeds.  

    The firm does this so that our clients can get quality medical care from medical providers of their choice.  We cannot promise any potential client that we will arrange medical care before they have signed a Power of Attorney and become our client.  Our firm does not offer to assist with medical care to entice injured people to become our clients. 

  • When you or a loved one is injured, a lot of things come at you quickly. On one hand, you are very concerned about how you are going to pay your or your loved one’s medical bills. If you can’t work because of your injury, you are also concerned about how you are going to make ends meet. How will you provide for your family? If you are injured at work, your employer may be insisting that you see the “company doctor.” Your employer or an insurance adjuster may also be pressuring you to settle your claims now. You wonder whether you need a lawyer or if you should just take their offer. You wonder whether your claim may have a lot more value than what they are offering you.

    When you are considering hiring a lawyer to represent you, there are a lot of lawyers out there. The choice you make will be a critical one. You need to ask many questions of a prospective lawyer. Do they try cases? Or are they just going to refer your case to someone who does? Have they been successful in the past? Can they help with your medical bills, or your living expenses? Will they be able to refer you to reputable doctors so you can get the treatment that is legitimately needed? Do they have the resources to handle a case like yours? If it is a maritime claim, do they know maritime law? Do they have any experience with maritime law? What is the lawyer’s background?

    The Buzbee Law Firm has counseled hundreds of clients with these exact concerns. We know what you are going through. We also know what you need to consider when hiring a lawyer.

    For potential new cases, contact us via email at or call the office toll-free at 1-800-992-5393.

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