What Sets Us Apart

Those in the legal profession know there are all types of lawyers who represent those seeking justice. Some are masters of advertisement: they have fancy websites, professionally produced web video, active twitter feeds, and a strong facebook presence. Some even have billboards and TV commercials. These "marketing" lawyers do a great job portraying themselves as successful, experienced lawyers--fooling you to believe they are the very type of lawyer you should hire.

Other lawyers are what are commonly know as "case runners." These lawyers are essentially unknown, even by other lawyers. They, or some shadowy figure who works for them, show up at your door step or at the hospital, uninvited, and hard sell you in such a way that convinces you to sign their contract. Once you are "signed," they immediately send the case to another lawyer to handle.

Other lawyers are the type that participate in various bar activities and other multiple social events. These lawyers know many other lawyers, and get business through "word of mouth" because they are known as nice or "good guys." 

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Unfortunately, the truth is, the overwhelming majority of lawyers who are handling cases for victims have no idea how to properly handle a lawsuit, do not have the knowledge to ensure that the value of the case is maximized, do not have the substantial resources required to properly prepare and present the case, are not considered a threat by insurance companies and defense lawyers, and have rarely, if ever, stepped into a court room to actually try a case. After taking the case, these lawyers will do whatever they can to get it settled quickly, certainly without preparing it for trial. If they are unable to settle, they will  send the case out to another lawyer who actually can handle the case properly. Even in those instances when these lawyers successfully settle the case, the client unknowingly receives a fraction of what the case is actually worth, because the insurance companies and defense attorneys know exactly the type of lawyer the client has hired.  Such lawyers are to be avoided. Texas is full of them.

Tony Buzbee and the lawyers of The Buzbee Law Firm are at the top of the legal profession. Mr. Buzbee is a former Recon Marine. He is routinely recognized as one of the very best attorneys in the State of Texas. Buzbee tries cases--a lot of them. He usually wins, and wins big. Buzbee has collected more than one billion dollars for his clients in a ten year period. His courtroom verdicts, and his courtroom skill set, are known far beyond the State of Texas. Buzbee and the lawyers he has assembled have tried some of the biggest cases in Texas. Buzbee, because of his advocacy abilities, has even assisted Presidential and Senatorial candidates with debate preparation. Simply put, Tony Buzbee is the real deal. He is a courtroom lawyer who has substantial resources, substantial talent, and the results to prove it. He is head and shoulders above most lawyers in the United States.

The bottom line is this: Sometimes your case is so important that you have to have the best lawyers available to give you the best chance at trial to win. We are those lawyers, and we look forward to working with you to help you achieve maximum results.

For potential new cases, contact us via email at tbuzbee@txattorneys.com or call the office toll-free at 1-800-992-5393.