Notable Cases

We believe in winning. We believe in our clients. We believe in and respect our justice system. We believe in juries. We are proud of the wide range of cases in which we have been involved.

The Buzbee Law Firm is routinely involved in high stakes litigation. We like contingency fee arrangements, because such an arrangement incentivizes us by allowing our firm to participate in the success we obtain. In those rare cases when we work at an hourly rate, we charge more than the run-of-the-mill firm. We believe we are worth it, and our experience demonstrates that our clients believe it, too.

The Buzbee Law Firm is routinely called upon to serve in leadership positions in high profile litigation. We relish these opportunities, because we believe that our clients benefit from it. We are currently involved in litigation involving various drugs, the NFL Concussion Litigation, the BP Benzene Litigation (Liaison Counsel), the Deepwater Horizon Explosion Litigation, the Port Arthur Oil Spill Litigation, the FEMA Toxic Tort Trailer Litigation (Steering Committee), the Reno Air Crash Litigation, and others. We welcome opportunities to partner with ethical lawyers with good cases who need our expertise, resources, and capital to bring high dollar litigation to fruition.

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A sample of our results

Tony Buzbee and Chris Leavitt tried a negligence case arising from a condo fire against a General Contractor and a Welding Subcontractor in Galveston State Court. During opening statements, Buzbee argued for 100% liability against the General Contractor. After a day of trial, the General Contractor settled the case on favorable and confidential terms. The Buzbee team then changed course, arguing for 100% liability against the Subcontractor. After a week trial, the jury agreed, rendering a significant verdict. The case was especially satisfying, in light of the fact that the Subcontractor argued vehemently that it had no liability for the fire.

Tony Buzbee, Chris Johns, and Chris Leavitt tried a case for an offshore worker,employed by King Fisher/Orion Marine, who fell while transferring from a barge to his boat. The Defendant argued that the worker was a fraud, because he had went in for an MRI for back pain prior to the accident at issue in the lawsuit. The jury disagreed, returning a verdict that will result in a significant judgment.

After taking more than forty depositions, and trying the case for three weeks, Tony Buzbee settled the case for five workers allegedly injured in a plant explosion that injured five and killed two. The settlements, which came right before closing arguments, were more than five times and fifty times respectively, what was paid by the wrongdoer to the family of those who died, but who chose a different lawyer who settled early.

Tony Buzbee recently settled a case for four workers allegedly injured when a vessel fell off its turning rolls. The case settled for more than $3.7 million, as Tony Buzbee prepared to choose a jury.

Tony Buzbee and Caroline Adams have collected significant amounts as a result of business interruption caused by the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.

Tony Buzbee tried a case for a 48 year-old electrician injured at the BP Plant. The man alleged that he had been hit by a bus that backed up without looking, causing the man to almost be knocked to the ground. Although he was treated on the scene for back pain, the man continued to work for 16 months. As he continued to work, his back pain progressively worsened. Ultimately, the man stopped working, and hired The Buzbee Law Firm to obtain monies so he could have back surgery. After receiving only a $150,000 pre-trial offer, after a five day trial, the jury entered a significantly higher verdict. The case settled later that day for a confidential amount.

Tony Buzbee and Peter Taaffe tried a toxic exposure case for three weeks in Galveston Federal Court against BP. Prior to trial, BP offered $100,000 to settle the case; the jury awarded the largest verdict ever awarded in Galveston County, the largest ever awarded against BP, and was listed in the National Law Journal as one of the top verdicts in the United States for 2009. This case has now settled for a confidential amount.

Tony Buzbee and Chris Johns tried a two and a half week trial in Galveston for the family of a thirteen year old boy killed in a tragic car accident. The case was tried against Ford Motor Company alleging that the Ford Explorer was defective due to its tendency to roll over during an accident avoidance maneuver. Prior to the trial, Ford offered less than $250,000.00 to settle.  At the conclusion of trial, the jury returned a “historic verdict” (as described by the press)  on behalf of the family. The case settled for a confidential amount a few days later. This verdict was the first of its kind in the State of Texas, and was the first time Ford had lost such a case after its army of lawyers had won cases alleging the same theory in fourteen trials in a row across the United States.

Tony Buzbee and Chris Johns (with local counsel Aaron Vela) tried a case in South Texas state court for a female dredge worker hit in the head when the vessel upon which she was working unexpectedly rolled causing the cans to fall from the shelves. The worker claimed the blow from the can injured her neck, although she did not have surgery. The case was brought against Weeks Marine, Inc.  Prior to trial, Weeks offered $50,000 to settle the case. After a week long trial, the jury returned a significantly higher verdict. The case settled confidentially on appeal. Note: After the trial, one of the jurors, who was so impressed with his performance at trial, hired Tony Buzbee for her case.

Tony Buzbee, Frank Spagnoletti, Craig Eiland, and Stretch Lewis tried a case on behalf of a push boat worker who was forced to jump two and a half feet to traverse from one vessel to another. During the jump, he injured his back, requiring back surgery. Prior to trial, the push boat company offered $150,000 to settle the case. After a week long trial, the court entered a verdict well in excess of the pretrial offer. The case settled for a confidential amount thereafter.

Tony Buzbee, Art Sadin, and Joe Fisher tried a week long case on behalf of a railroad engineer involved in a train collision. Due to injuries suffered during the collision the engineer had to have back surgery. Blaming our client for the entire accident BNSF railroad offered nothing to settle the case. After a week-long trial, the jury returned a significant verdict for our client.

Tony Buzbee and co-counsel Michael Sydow tried a breach of contract case on an oral contract against Edison Chouest Corporation. Prior to trial, the Defendant offered less than $200,000 to settle the case. After a week long trial, the jury returned a verdict for our clients well in excess of the last pretrial offer. While a motion for new trial was pending, the case settled for a confidential amount. After the trial, the jury foreperson called Tony Buzbee to thank him for representing the Plaintiffs. 

Tony Buzbee tried a products liability and admiralty case for an offshore worker against FMC Corporation on behalf of a widow whose husband was killed offshore Saudi Arabia on a drilling platform when the pipes he was working around burst under pressure. Due to his diligence, Buzbee uncovered a dangerous mismatch pipe problem in the industry, and blamed FMC, the industry leader, for the problem. After a week long trial, the jury returned a substantial verdict for the widow. The case was later overturned on appeal, and settled shortly thereafter for a confidential amount. Due to the case, the mismatch problem has now been addressed in the industry.

Tony Buzbee and Peter Taaffe (with local counsel Aaron Vela) represented an oiler on a dredge who suffered a serious knee injury while working for Weeks Marine.  Due to him tripping on a step, the worker had to have his knee scoped, and his doctor opined that a future knee surgery might be needed.  Prior to trial, the Defendant offered less than $150,000 to settle the case. After an eight day jury trial in state court, the jury rendered a verdict on our client's behalf and the Judge entered a judgment well in excess of the pretrial offerThe judgment was affirmed on appeal, and settled thereafter for a confidential amount.

Successfully defended a Fortune 100 company in a case brought by a former executive seeking millions of dollars. After a week-long trial, a zero verdict was entered on behalf of client.

Tony Buzbee and Peter Taaffe (with co-counsel Allain Hardin) represented an offshore derrickhand whose finger was injured while working for Diamond Offshore.  The injury happened when his co-workers dropped an alleged defective piece of drilling equipment, made by Baker-Hughes, on his hand.  After a bench trial, the Judge entered a substantial judgment which the defendants promptly paid. 

Other notable past cases

The Buzbee Law Firm was a integral part of a team of attorneys who collected a significant settlement from JP Morgan Chase in a breach of fiduciary duty case brought on behalf of lease-holders.

Numerous verdicts and settlements for injured dredge workers against companies such as Weeks Marine, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock, T.W. LaQuay, King Fisher Marine, Orion, and Mike Hooks.

Numerous verdicts and settlements for injured offshore workers against companies such as Rowan, Transocean, Hercules, Parker Drilling, Diamond Offshore, Nabors, and Hercules.

Trademark Infringement: represented famed singer, Jimmy Buffett, obtaining a judgment whereby the alleged infringer can never sell a Buffett-related item again.

Breach of Contract and Fraud Defense: Successfully defended a multimillion dollar case on behalf of world renowned horse trainers from Kentucky, brought by local celebrity "Mattress Mac" against several world renowned horse traders and trainers.

Substantial settlement in a case brought by a class of structure owners against Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (“TWIA”). Served as co-class counsel.  For details of settlement, including expenses and attorneys fees, click this link).

Confidential settlement in a case brought by company against a major bank for breach of fiduciary duty.

Represented a broker who was owed payment on notes of more than $100 million. Case settled within a few days of being hired and participating in a court hearing for a confidential amount.

Represented well known hospitality chain in an effort to prevent foreclosure, and delay payment on more than $300 million in debt obligations that creditor claimed were immediately due and payable. Due to the Firm's work, client was able to delay payment, and ultimately renegotiate the debt on favorable terms.

Breach of Contract, Plaintiff: Obtained significant settlement for the Port of Galveston

Government Regulation: Represented highly regarded developer Blackard Group pertaining to multimillion dollar development on Galveston's West End. Having only been retained for a week, attended a hearing and convinced court to dissolve an injunction that had held up development for more than two years.

Environmental Litigation: Represented Spain's Basque Government in a case seeking remedy for the largest oil spill in Spain's history. 

Products Liability: After a worker was burned with dry cleaning chemicals, the firm filed suit against the dry cleaning machine manufacturer.  Shortly after suit filed, the manufacturer agreed to settle by paying our client and agreeing to do a nationwide retrofit of dry cleaning machines.

Offshore death case: Forced offshore company to install guards on all hose reels. Confidential settlement.

Forced a major offshore drilling contractor to immediately remediate all of its oceangoing vessels to remove asbestos; class wide settlement.

Offshore collision case: Represented two workers injured in a vessel collision in the Houston Ship Channel. Both claimed back injuries, although neither was operated.  Settlement reached after the firm tried and won the Defendant's Limitation Action. 

Negligence/Personal Injury: In addition to significant payment, utility company agreed to change its safety policies and family received an apology from the company president. 

Represented a child allegedly sexually assaulted in a hospital. Case brought against the insurer who chose the facility. Case settled confidentially; in additional to payment, the facility changed its policies and procedures to prevent such from happening again.  

Wrongful Death: Represented stepdaughter of infamous murderer Clara Harris.

Antitrust/Class Actions: Represented more than 10,000 offshore drilling workers in a case alleging wage fixing, resulting in substantial class wide-settlement in which each eligible worker received money.  Case settled for $75 million. Expenses were $540,000. Fees awarded by the Court were $18 million. Details of the settlement, including attorneys fees and expenses, can be found here.

Plant explosions: Represented more than 160 workers injured in the largest industrial accident in U.S. history, obtaining extremely favorable settlements and serving on the Plaintiff's steering committee.

Toxic Torts: Tried first FEMA toxic trailer test case in New Orleans Federal Court. Serve on the court-appointed Plaintiffs' Steering Committee. Case has now settled.

Toxic Torts: Appointed Liaison Counsel by the court for MDL of more than 20,000 Benzene exposure cases filed against BP.

Note: These verdicts and settlements are intended to be representative of cases handled by Tony Buzbee and The Buzbee Law Firm. As the facts and law on each case differ, these listings are not a guarantee or prediction of the outcome of any other claims.