The Firm . ILA Intervenes Into Bayport Suit


ILA Intervenes Into Bayport Suit

On behalf of ILA Local 24, ILA Local 28, ILA Local 1530, and ILA Local 1351, legal counsel Tony Buzbee today filed to intervene in the pending federal court lawsuit concerning the proposed Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal. The Bayport lawsuit was filed against the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in June by the City of Shoreacres and other local municipalities and organizations.

While the Bayport lawsuit is related to the Bayport facility, it does not specifically name any ILA Local as a defendant. The lawsuit alleges that the Corps should prepare a supplemental draft environmental impact statement (SDEIS) on the Bayport project and asserts other challenges to the Corps' review of the Bayport project, including the Corps' delineation of jurisdictional wetlands at the Bayport site.

"The ILA is seeking to intervene into this lawsuit because Bayport needs to be built--now. The Bayport facility will literally double the amount of good paying jobs with benefits for ILA members. We need to prevent further delays on this project that could significantly harm the region's economy and job base. The Corps has done a great job in its diligent review of the proposed Bayport project. The project is environmentally sound, and the arguments against it are completely baseless.”

ILA Local 24, ILA Local 28, ILA Local 1530, and ILA Local 1351 are the warehouse, shiploading, clerks and checkers, and maintenance locals of the International Longshoremen's Association in the Port of Houston and vicinity. These named Locals pride themselves in offering a safe and productive work force with customer need being a top priority. These Locals work hand in hand with the Port, providing good paying jobs, and benefits to their workers, while at the same time providing a highly skilled and professional workforce to the Port. The named Locals provide general warehouse workers, loaders and unloaders of railcars and trucks, forklift operators, yard tractor/truck drivers, various container lift operators, and skilled mechanics for container, chassis & refrigeration repairs, clerking and checking tasks, maintenance tasks, and ship loading and unloading. The ILA is committed to all work on cargo received into the terminal, placed on the ships, loaded and unloaded from vessels and delivered at other immediate pier area, shed, warehouse and terminal by any means of transportation. ILA members are specialists in preparation of vessel loading and discharge; cargo stowage in the vessel; provisions on location work performed by longshoremen, checkers and clerks; receipt and delivery of containers and other equipment; and weighing of containers and cargo; and verification. The membership of the named Locals exceeds 2500 individuals.

For more information, contact Tony Buzbee at 281-992-5393.