Family Files Lawsuit Against CenterPoint Afte...


Family Files Lawsuit Against CenterPoint After Children Shocked, Burned by Power Wire

By Rucks Russell
KHOU - CBS Channel 11 Houston -
February 26, 2013
Houston, TX  

SPRING. Texas -- Ten days after a 5-year-old and her 3-year-old old brother were shocked and severely burned by a dangling power pole guy wire, an attorney has filed a lawsuit on the family’s behalf. “I don’t think this family is ever going to be made whole again,” said attorney Tony Buzbee, who believes the power company is solely responsible for what happened that day. “No parent would let your kids play around a live guy wire. No one knew it was electrified or that it could become electrified. The only ones who should have known that would be CenterPoint.” The lawsuit offers graphic details of the accident, which occurred in the backyard of a home on Nutwood Lane in Spring. It says they were playing near the wire when it became electrified and knocked them unconscious. The little girl was set on fire and stopped breathing. Her dad performed CPR and eventually revived her. Both children were flown to Shriner’s Burn Center in Galveston, where doctors have performed skin grafting procedures. They've also had to amputate some of their limbs. The lawsuit claims the victims’ parents told CenterPoint about the dangling wire two weeks prior to the incident, yet nothing was done about it. CenterPoint refused to comment due to the pending litigation. “I think the only good thing that can come out of this is that this issue is remedied so that it doesn't happen to someone else,” said Buzbee.