Buzbee Teaches Lesson To Defense With A $29.8 M...

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Buzbee Teaches Lesson To Defense With A $29.8 Million Verdict

“Tony Buzbee’s client, Rafael Ortega, a Mexican grocery store chain owner, won a jury verdict awarding nearly $30 million in damages and $5.2 million in exemplary damages. Ortega and his companies won that verdict against defendants that allegedly sold or helped sell additional stores to them, and then opened rival retail outlets, violating a noncompete agreement.

A jury issued its ruling on May 15, after a two-week trial.

“It was very emotional, and there were a lot of hard feelings,” Buzbee said about the case, Ortega v. Abel, filed in 269th District Court in Houston.”

Prior to the trial and in preparation for it, Buzbee viewed the deposition videotapes from the time the noncompete was misplaced and evaluated Grubbs’ sidebar comments as gratuitously ungracious.

“Rarely in the law practice do we have the opportunity to teach somebody a lesson,” he said. But Buzbee believes he seized such an opportunity during the trial to teach Grubbs a lesson.

Miriam Rozen
Texas Lawyer
May 19, 2015