The Firm . BP and Halliburton Face Bigger Claims


BP and Halliburton Face Bigger Claims

Tony Buzbee is quoted in a recent article from the Financial Times about recent revelations that Halliburton and BP knew that there were problems used with the cement used with the Deepwater Horizon, and how cement issues were one of the likely culprits of the the rig explosion.   From the article:

Tony Buzbee, a lawyer representing 19 injured rig workers and thousands of gulf region claimants alleging business interruption, said the revelations were a “game-changer”.

“The findings, of course, further solidify BP’s liability, but now put Halliburton squarely in the gunsights of thousands of lawsuits,” he said.


Michael Peel and Sylvia Pfeifer
Financial Times
October 29, 2010